The new regional distribution centre in Dudelange is operational

The new regional distribution centre in Dudelange is operational

Fostering the Colruyt Group's presence in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Colruyt Group today inaugurated its new regional distribution centre in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in the presence of Luxembourg Minister of Economic Affairs Franz Fayot. The new building, designed by logistics property specialist Warehouses De Pauw (WDP), will enable Colruyt Group to further strengthen its presence in the Grand Duchy with its Colruyt Niddregst Präisser and Bio-Planet banners, which will open their first shop in early 2024. With a surface area of 5,000 m², it will help to broaden the regional range that is so important to customers in Luxembourg.

Colruyt is celebrating a double anniversary this year: the best prices concept was created 50 years ago, while the first Grand Ducal shop opened in Mersch 15 years ago.

A state-of-the-art logistics centre

Colruyt Group's new regional logistics centre has taken up residence at Eurohub South in Dudelange, developed by logistics property experts WDP. Ideally located with easy access to the A3 and A13 motorways, the project is designed to the highest European standards in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability. "While the aim of the new distribution centre is to support growth, the energy and sustainability aspects are just as important to us. WDP's expertise in this area is well established. We knew each other from a previous project in Belgium (the Londerzeel e-commerce distribution centre in Belgium, editor's note). A rainwater recovery system and the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof were among the features planned by the designer," says Jean-Christophe Burlet, Regional Director of Colruyt.

On the occasion of the visit, the Luxembourg Minister for Economic Affairs, Franz Fayot, said: "With the arrival of Colruyt Group at the 'Eurohub South' logistics park, the company is strengthening its local roots in Luxembourg. Colruyt's move into the last warehouse built by WDP at Eurohub South also marks the completion of this major logistics infrastructure project, which has helped to strengthen Luxembourg's strategic position as a European logistics hub, with a total of 192,000 m² of warehousing space built and more than 1,000 jobs created.”

Expanding the local offering

The distribution centre has a surface area of 5,000 m² (compared with 800 m² at the previous Gasperich warehouse). Its purpose is to receive the dry regional assortment (groceries and beverages) for Colruyt shops and the future Bio-Planet, as well as the online shopping service for both formulas. ​ The extra space will result in more efficient work organisation. A new workstation will also be installed specifically for handling waste.

The extra space will also enable us to significantly expand the range of products specific to Luxembourg. Jean-Christophe Burlet: "From a range of some 450 items today, we are aiming for 700 in the long term. In particular, this expansion will involve beverages, a department that is the destination of the Colruyt Niddregst Präisser chain, as well as the range of Portuguese and Italian products, two major communities in the Grand Duchy. To this will be added the local assortment of the future Bio-Planet shop. In terms of suppliers, we are already working with the main local players, but we are always on the lookout for opportunities and local initiatives that we could support.

In total, around ten employees will be working on the site. Colruyt Niddregst Präisser is planning to open four more shops, while Bio-Planet sees the potential for at least three.

15 years of best prices

Colruyt Niddregst Präisser is celebrating 15 years in Luxembourg. It was the Mersch shop, opened on 4 June 2008, that introduced Luxembourgers to the promise of the best prices. Since then, five shops have successively been added: Gasperich, Sanem, Wemperhardt, Pommerloch and the latest in Strassen. Slowly but surely. "With the opening of the Mersch shop in 2008, the intention was first and foremost to get to know this market, which has as many similarities with Belgium as it does differences," agrees Regional Director Jean-Christophe Burlet. "Little by little, we adapted the range to meet demand. And while our local customers have a wide range of profiles and different buying habits, they all share our promise of the best prices.”

In this respect, the Belgian model has literally been transposed to Luxembourg, so that a team of 7 price collectors ensures that the chain brings together the best prices and promotions from competing shop chains under one roof. "This is particularly appreciated in the current economic climate," confirms David Legrand, Regional Manager Luxembourg. "The Grand Duchy has not been spared by the rise in energy and raw material prices. Our electronic price tags enable us to react very quickly to the prices charged by our competitors, as well as to their promotional campaigns.”

Also of note is the success of the Collect&Go online shopping service, which has collection points in the Mersch, Gasperich, Sanem and Wemperhardt shops. In addition to the expansion of the regional product range, the bake-off service for bread and baguettes tested in the recently opened Strassen shop will be gradually rolled out across the network.

It goes without saying that the double anniversary will give rise to a major promotional campaign in October.

The first Bio-Planet in 2024

The destination of the former Gasperich distribution centre is already known: in February 2024, it will be home to Luxembourg's first Bio-Planet. The specialist in organic and ecological products aims to appeal to Luxembourg consumers who are increasingly concerned about their health and the environment. 500 m² of floor space will be devoted to the store. The shop will also share the Collect&Go pick-up point, offering the convenience of online shopping. 20% of the range will be made up of local products, including bread, meat, drinks (wine, beer) and dairy products. The opening of Bio-Planet will create 15 additional jobs at the Gasperich site.

In addition to its food shops, Colruyt Group operates the Jims fitness chain, with 4 clubs in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This figure is also set to grow.