Spar Lier reopens as Spar Colruyt Group on 17 November

Spar Lier reopens as Spar Colruyt Group on 17 November

Even more focus on quality and freshness

Monday, November 14, 2022

On Thursday 17 November, Spar Lier reopens its doors as a Spar Colruyt Group store. The store was taken over in April by store managers Steven Stouten and Tim Anthonis and was remodelled into a sustainable and modern proximity store where customers can go for tasty fresh products.

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A fully renovated and cosy proximity store

Spar Lier becomes part of the Spar Colruyt Group family. This guarantees fine shopping with a fresh, sustainable and local focus. The team is looking forward to welcoming everyone from 17 November in the renewed store at the Eeuwfeestlaan 74.

The store needed a thorough renovation. That is why it was given a total makeover between 13 October and 16 November. Both the façade and the interior were thoroughly revamped. For example, lower furniture was used to create a more open feel, and wood finishing gives the store an extra warm and homely effect.

Even more fresh

With a new concept belongs a new design with a more extensive assortment. In the new store, the customers enter via the bakery department, to then pass via the cheese and sliced cold meat to the vegetables and fruit, butcher's and catering departments. "In fact, this follows the course of the day, where you also begin with breakfast, then lunch and eventually dinner", store manager Tim Anthonis explains.

At Spar Lier, quality and freshness come first. They provide a wide range of catering and meat specialities and in addition offer daily fresh baked bread and cheese and cold sliced meat cut on site. "And with the festive season approaching, typical and tasty end-of-year specialities can be found with us," says co-store manager Steven Stouten. In short, customers can go there for everything they need to prepare a tasty fresh meal.

Business partners and friends

It is certainly not a first for entrepreneurs Steven Stouten and Tim Anthonis. Steven has been working for Spar since 1994: he started as a student worker at Spar Grootlo and took it over himself in 2003. Later he also bought Spar Kessel, where Tim in 2006 worked as a student and in 2009 begun as a butcher in permanent employment. In 2015, the store in Kessel was their first store that was renovated according to the new Spar Colruyt Group format. Together, they also took over Spar Schriek in 2009. At the beginning of next year, the opening of Spar Wiekevorst is also on their schedule.

"We are not related to each other, but we manage our stores almost as a family company. The fact that I am godfather to Tim's youngest son is proof of a close friendship, both in business and outside," Steven says. At Spar Lier, the duo is assisted by 15 permanent co-workers, and some flexi-jobbers and student workers. They are all from the region.

Attention to local and sustainable

Of course, in addition to fresh, there is also a focus on sustainable and local. At Spar Lier, they already offer different organic products. On the level of local regional products as well, they continuously pursue their search. You can already count on some local beers as well as fresh rice pudding and ice cream from the region.

Just like the other Colruyt Group store formulas, Spar is firmly committed to building sustainably and with a minimal ecological footprint. In the store in Lier as well, they are working towards a more sustainable future. They use LED lighting and a much more environment-friendly cooling system that emits less CO2. In addition, the store also uses a heat recovery system.

Festive opening

To do the first shopping in the store, we will have to wait until 17 November, but customers are already welcome on Wednesday 16 November from 6 pm to 9 pm for a sparkling opening reception. That way, they can explore the store while enjoying a packet of fries with stew and a drink. The co-workers will of course also be present and happy to make time for a little chat. ​

Furthermore, pizza lovers are more than welcome to come and taste the fresh home-made pizzas on 17 November between 11am and 18 pm. Thanks to the special opening folder, there are also many great discounts and free products in the opening week, as well as a bunch of nice savings campaigns and a bingo game with a nice first prize.

Steven Stouten and Tim Anthonis, independent entrepreneurs Spar Lier
​03 489 10 97

Colruyt Group press office
+32 (0)89 36 32 12
[email protected]

Practical information
Eeuwfeestlaan 74
​2500 Lier

Opening hours
Mondays to Friday: 8:00 - 19:00
​Saturday: 8:00 - 18:00
​Sunday: Closed

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