Fiets!, will service 140 bikes of health care staff in Mechelen

Fiets!, Colruyt Group’s chain of bike shops, will service 140 bikes at three residential care homes in Mechelen over a three-day period, starting on Wednesday 8 April.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

All health care facilities are working overtime these days. Residential care homes were the first to take strict measures to provide the best protection for their residents and staff at the outbreak of COVID-19. Every bit of support is therefore more than welcome. Fiets! takes its social responsibility seriously and has been looking for the best way in which to help.

Temporary bike servicing hub

In close consultation with the multi-site care home group, Rivierenland in Mechelen, Fiets! will be setting up a temporary bike servicing hub for the group’s health care staff. Staff at Lisdodde, Hof van Egmont and Sint Elisabeth, the three residential care homes forming part of the multi-site group Rivierenland, can look forward to a visit from a specialist bike mechanic this week.

Over a three-day period, Fiets! will service the 120 bikes belonging to health care staff and the twenty or so bikes that are used for home care visits. 

The work that Fiets! does will keep health care staff safe on the road. While they are caring for those who are hardest hit by the current situation, Fiets! is there to take care of their safety on the road.

Precautionary measures

The following precautions are some of the measures taken by staff.

  • Health care staff do not come into contact with the bike mechanics.
  • Each mechanic has his or her own tent where they work with their own tools.
  • Once a bike has been serviced, it is fully disinfected.