Colruyt Group now with its own online tools showing the Nutri-score of all products on sale at Colruyt, Bio-Planet, OKay and Spar Colruyt Group

Colruyt Group announced on 22 August its decision to start using the Nutri-score. The group will be the first to use online tools to display the Nutri-score on all products on sale in Colruyt Laagste Prijzen, Spar Colruyt, OKay and Bio-Planet. Thanks to this decision, there will be transparency about the nutritional value of 20,000 food products. This information is already available via the free SmartWithFood app; from November, the Nutri-score for all products will be displayed via the MyColruyt app on the Colruyt website and on Collect&Go. By the end of October, customers will also be able to calculate their own scores using a Nutri-score calculator on And by mid-2020, the Nutri-score will be fully integrated on the packaging of all food products in the Boni Selection range. A customer campaign has already been launched to inform customers, and the first products are already on the shelves.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Full transparency for customers

Colruyt Group recently announced its decision to use the Nutri-score to provide its customers with informative and clear nutritional labelling about products on the shelves. By mid-2020, all packaging for food products in the Boni Selection range will have the letter- and colour-coded label. 

Frans Colruyt, COO of the Colruyt Group: "We have made the decision to go even further with the retail formulas Colruyt Laagste Prijzen, Spar Colruyt Group, OKay and Bio-Planet. Our aim is to guide customers step-by-step towards achieving a more balanced diet. The Nutri-score label fits in perfectly with our aim. But we do have to be transparent across the board, for all food products in our stores - not only for our own brands. We have therefore decided to allocate the Nutri-score to all products in our online tools. In this way, we can also communicate online with the customers at product level, about all the products in our stores".

To do this, we take the nutritional information that is shown as standard on the packaging. The group's free SmartWithFood app already allows customers to compare the Nutri-scores for 20,000 products that on sale at the retail formulas of the Colruyt Group. This is also the first tool that allows customers to see the Nutri-score of all their scanned products. From November, all products on the Colruyt website will show the Nutri-score, in the MyColruyt app and on the website and app of the online shopping service Collect&Go.

Customers are in complete control: they calculate the scores themselves

Colruyt Group believes that the Nutri-score will develop into a reliable and authoritative labelling system: a solid base for consumers to make well-informed food choices.

Customers will also be able to calculate for themselves the Nutri-score of their favourite products. From the end of October, will have a Nutri-score calculator. Today also marks the start of a customer campaign by the Colruyt Group highlighting the Nutri-score.

Frans Colruyt concludes: "As the only retailer who now offers total transparency on all products in our stores, we look forward to working constructively with our suppliers to pave the way to improving the well-being of our customers. Our job is to provide information; it is then up to the customer to make the decisions. It’s not our aim to judge or stigmatise: this applies to products with an A-label, as well as the Ds or Es. We believe each of these products has a place in a balanced diet."