Colruyt Group increases capacity of online shopping service Collect&Go in Brussels

Colruyt converts the current store in Auderghem along chaussée de Wavre 1805 into a local picking centre for online shopping service Collect&Go. The site will also have its own pick up point. In time, it will be able to guarantee picking of several hundreds of extra reservations a day. The pick-up point will officially open May 25th. Associated with picking in physical stores and the two dedicated regional e-commerce distribution centres, this extra site should support the growth of Collect&Go, which saw the demand increase exponentially in the past few weeks.

Thursday, May 14, 2020


Growing demand

Ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Colruyt Group's online shopping service Collect&Go has experienced an unprecedented growth. "At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, we noticed an increase in reservations of 70% with peaks of 200-300% on some days", Tom Deprater, responsible for Collect&Go, confirms. "Online shopping was already very popular and the crisis simply increased this popularity. That is why we started looking for possibilities to increase our capacity. Indeed, we want to be able to serve our many loyal customers as well as new customers". In this sense, the new pick-up point in Auderghem will enable Collect&Go to meet the demand in the Brussels region.

Increased capacity

The current temporary store along chaussée de Wavre in Auderhgem officially closed its doors on May 13th to become a local picking centre for Collect&Go with its own pick-up point. The site will work as a classic store, except that store co-workers will prepare the products customers ordered online. It will be possible to start picking up orders on 25 May. "In time, we will be able to process a few hundreds of extra reservations a day", says Tom Deprater. Furthermore, the new 'Auderghem Forest' pick-up point will support the pick-up points of the Colruyt stores in Kraainem and Woluwé-Saint-Pierre.

Online shopping

As from 18 May, customers can make online reservations at the Collect&Go website ( "By choosing this new 'Auderghem-Forest' pick-up point, they will be able to reserve their products from our food and non-food assortment of private labels and national brands, always at the best online prices in the region", Tom Deprater continues. When customers order online, they choose a day and time to pick up their reservation. For obvious safety reasons, we only allow electronic payment. Collect&Go also guarantees strict compliance with social distance and disinfection of shopping carts, folding boxes and pay terminals.


The temporary Colruyt store in Auderghem was opened in the summer of 2019. The purpose of this store was to offer customers, whose familiar store was being renovated or expanded, a comfortable alternative, like the store along the nearby boulevard du Triomphe. Current customers of this brick store are redirected to the online shopping service or to Colruyt stores in the neighbourhood such as Woluwé-Saint-Pierre, Kraainem or Etterbeek and Schaerbeek. On 10 June, a new store will also open near Meiser (chaussée de Louvain 510).

Continue investing

E-commerce has not waited for the outbreak of COVID-19 to become more and more popular. And Colruyt Group has not waited for these highly unusual circumstances to invest in the development of its online shopping service. "The group is also investing in a new distribution centre in Londerzeel", Tom Depater continues. "This 18,000 m² site will replace our distribution centre in Zaventem (4,500 m²) which has reached its full capacity today. The distribution centre of Londerzeel will open in the fall of 2021. We also have the possibility to expand the capacity of our distribution centre in Erpe-Mere".  

After a successful test in the Eastern outskirts of Brussels, Collect&Go will also continue to develop home deliveries in the Brussels region. Earlier this week, the online shopping service announced the launch of a pilot project in Halle allowing home delivery of groceries by neighbours, based on the principle of sharing economy.


Practical information

Pick-up point "Auderghem Forest"
Address : Waversesteenweg 1805, 1160 Oudergem
Opening hours and days: Monday-Saturday, 10 am - 1 pm & 3 - 8 pm
Payment possibilities: electronically
Reservations :

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