Colruyt Group branches clean up neighbourhood

Monday, November 21, 2016

All 380 Colruyt, OKay and Bio-Planet branches and part of the 220 independent Spar stores are going to tackle litter on their car parks and in their neighbourhood. The car parks are already being cleaned up by a cleaning team consisting of 50 co-workers every day, but during the Retail Clean Up Days the range of action expands. Some company sites in Lot, Halle and Wommelgem and their surroundings will also be thoroughly cleaned up. With this action, Colruyt Group wants to make its co-workers, customers and neighbours aware of the problem and help start off a behaviour change.


National clean-up action

Colruyt Group's clean-up action takes place during the national Retail Clean Up Days between 21 and 27 November. These days are an initiative of trade federation Comeos in cooperation with the Neatness network (in Flanders) and BeWapp (in Wallonia).

A total of 1,460 stores will contribute and clean up a surface of up to 25 metres surrounding their branch. Flemish minister of Environment Joke Schauvliege gives the starting shot on Monday 21 November and will help clean the site around Colruyt Aalst.

Minister Schauvliege: “I am happy that store managers want to roll up their sleeves and clean up their environment. If everybody kept their doorstep clean, Flanders would soon look a lot nicer.”

On Wednesday 23 November, Chris Van Wettere (General manager Colruyt Lowest Prices) will help clean up the playground Herdersstaf in Brussels, together with the CEO’s of Carrefour, Delhaize, Lidl, Makro and Lambrechts.


Five-year plan

The clean-up actions are part of the five-year plan 'Joining hands for less street litter' Colruyt Group launched in September 2015 which runs until the end of 2020. To kick off the plan, some 200 co-workers cleaned up almost 1,500 kg of street litter in the vicinity of the Halle offices. In September 2016, the group started a two-year test project with extra rubbish bins to reduce litter on office car parks. Since mid-November, we are also testing an additional waste infrastructure near a number of Colruyt Lowest Prices stores.



Colruyt Group assumes its social responsibility and supports the authorities in their struggle against street litter. The group believes it's possible to change behaviour by setting an example and thus inspiring others during the action but afterwards as well. For instance, we will put up signs saying 'Just cleaned up' and we will make an appeal to keep the neighbourhood clean. The group will carefully monitor the results in order to keep the neighbourhood clean at all times.