Colruyt celebrates festival summer with a limited edition Cara white beer

Colruyt celebrates festival summer with a limited edition Cara white beer

Wednesday, June 28, 2023


Like every year, Colruyt Lowest Prices is getting ready to welcome the festival crowds and all the busyness that comes with it. During the Dour festival weekend, nearly 10,000 people come shopping at Colruyt Dour every day, resulting in the sale of 58,331 Cara beer cans last year. For a good start of the festival summer, Colruyt has some exclusive items in store for festival-goers this summer. The early birds can get a taste of Colruyt's newest beer called 'CaraFest'. The limited edition (2,300 cans) white beer will be available during the festival weekends of Rock Werchter, Les Ardentes, Dour and Pukkelpop in the four major festival stores.

CaraFest: limited edition white beer

Colruyt is launching an atypical Cara beer this summer called "CaraFest": a white beer made from malt, Mandarina Bavaria hops and fresh lemon zest for a fresh and slightly sour touch. The unique CaraFest beer has an alcohol content of 4.9% and was brewed as a one-off extra in collaboration with Batteliek microbrewery in Mechelen. Ideal as a refreshment under the hot festival sun and available for a limited audience (only 2,300 cans are on sale).

Colruyt Group launched Cara in 1980 as a Pilsner beer with a strong price-quality ratio. The brand has now grown into a cult brand loved by young and old alike. This is not Colruyt Group’s first experiment with Cara Pilsner beer. The Cara Blond and Cara Rouge beers launched by Colruyt last year proved to be a success. They are selling five times better than expected and are still on sale today.

CaraFest will be available during four major festivals this summer. Concretely, at the following times:

• Rock Werchter (at Colruyt Haacht): from June 28

• Les Ardentes (at Colruyt Ans): from July 5

• Dour (at Colruyt Dour): from 11 July

• Pukkelpop (at Colruyt Zonhoven): from 16 August

Getting festival stores ready for festival-goers

Colruyt Lowest Prices' festival stores are adapted every year to the large influx of customers during the festival season. Extra staff are deployed to ensure safety, hygiene and an efficient shopping experience. The stores in Haacht, Ans, Dour and Zonhoven are also fitted with additional festival decorations. In Zonhoven a real route is set up to guide festival-goers to the festival 'must-haves' such as beer, Aïki Noodles, potato chips, sandwiches and other drinks. Some adjustments have also been made to the product range. Typical festival products are highlighted everywhere and extra stock is provided. Colruyt also provides a special festival assortment with, for example, sleeping mats and mattresses, camping sets, small BBQs, padlocks for tents, water atomizers and swimming pools.

Some figures from the average Colruyt festival store*:

  • The best-selling products are sandwiches from Everyday, Boni watermelons, Rodeo energy drinks, as well as meal salads such as Taboulé and Farfalle Sweet Veggie from Boni.
  • 6,000 jars of Aïki Noodles were also sold last year.
  • Festival goers drank 58,331 cans of Cara (accounting for nearly more than 21,000 litres) and 5,000 energy drinks.
  • And to cool off, people bought more than 4 tonnes of ice creams.

*Colruyt store at Dour was taken as an example, figures from festival weekend in 2022.