A new-generation Spar store opens its doors in Herseaux

On Thursday 6 May, the Spar store in Herseaux will reopen its doors after major renovation works, which are part of an approach to promoting sustainability. Ideally situated along the national road, this 450 m² store has a spacious car park. Freshness and quality are clearly at centre stage, as are the range of local and seasonal fruit and vegetables and a fresh market designed to cater for the needs of the customers. Fabrice Tripier, independent entrepreneur, and his 12 team members are already looking forward to welcoming the customers and even have a little surprise in store for them to celebrate the reopening (depending on the health standards that will be in force by that time).

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Fresh quality products 

Fabrice Tripier focuses on fresh products, which undeniably are the store's hallmark. "I adopt an approach that is clearly local and targets customers who love good food. The catering department is a fine example. It is one of our assets and this service is highly coveted by local customers". The Spar of Herseaux also has a broad range of fruit and vegetables. "We offer local products that follow the seasons. We for instance sell Belgian strawberries in the summer. Furthermore, we have a fine selection of lean and tasteful meat of Belgian origin". The butcher's department also provides a vast range of products. Every day, co-workers bake off a wide selection of breads in the store to ensure optimum freshness. 

Greater purchasing comfort

Another objective of Fabrice Tripier is to enhance purchasing comfort. The 450 m² wide surface area was redesigned with this in mind and received a full makeover. The store has also been equipped with more sustainable technologies. "Our refrigeration units are not Freon- but CO₂-based, which fits in with one of our commitments to preserve the environment". 

The customer comes first 

The neighbourhood store is also a place of exchange between customers and co-workers. "Our staff members, all from the business unit, are there to help and guide the customers", stresses Fabrice Tripier, who has extensive experience in the distribution sector. To him, the knowledge of Spar is a family thing. His grandfather opened one of the first Spar stores in France. 

Easily accessible

The Spar store in Herseaux is located along the N512 that crosses the municipality and is at a 20 m distance from the railway station. Its practical car park offers 55 parking spaces. 

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