Tournai: the Colruyt on Chaussée de Renaix has been enlarged and the surface area of its refrigerated aisle has doubled

The Colruyt shop in Tournai on Chaussée de Renaix will reopen on Wednesday 9 December after major works. The surface area has been renovated and enlarged by 600m2, fitting in very well with the urban environment. Six new employees have also been recruited. To top it off, Colruyt has invested in the shop's sustainable development.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Shopping with a greater range of products

The Tournai Colruyt shop extends over 1,800 m², which is half the surface area more than the previous shop floor. The manager Christine Maquestiaux says: "A larger shop means a wider range, such as in the refrigerated aisle whose surface area has doubled and the frozen department with a larger number of chest freezers. Three extra cash registers, with 9 in total, will guarantee an optimal flow for our customers." Head butcher Gaëtan Delacroix adds: “For their fresh meat, customers will now find a revamped self-service butcher's counter. They will see our butchers at work in an open workshop, which makes contact easier if they are placing a special order or asking for information."

Another useful piece of information is that the car park can now accommodate 140 cars (instead of 87 previously) and is equipped with an electric vehicle charging point. The Collect&Go point will also reopen on Wednesday 9 December. It is located in the underground car park and is also larger. It will therefore welcome more customers, which will guarantee an even faster and more effective service.  

Strengthening the team in place

For several years now, Colruyt has wanted to position itself as a large employer. This is proven once again in Tournai with the recruitment of 6 new employees, including 2 at the butcher's counter. According to the manager: "Our strengthened team is finally ready to welcome customers with its recognised professionalism to offer a quick and effective service to customers."

A sustainable shop

In conclusion, the Tournai Colruyt shop follows a sustainable development approach. The building is equipped with solar panels and an effective, insulation, ventilation, cooling and heating system that achieves a very good energy balance, while reducing its CO2 level.

A safe reception

Given the health situation, there will be no open evening for the shop's opening. The manager says: "Please come and see your new Colruyt and we will give you a small welcoming gift. My whole team and I look forward to receiving you in total safety. Please also come to the shop alone in observance of the rules established by the government."


For more information or photos of the shop, please feel free to contact:

  • Vincent Argot (Regional Manager) on +32 (0)2 345 2345
  • Eva Biltereyst (Colruyt Meilleurs Prix Press Manager) on +32 (0)479 72 29 10 ​  

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