Touring and Bike Republic join forces to take care of every biker’s needs

MERELBEKE, 1 December 2021 - Bike Republic and Touring, the roadside assistance provider, are today starting a test project in which Colruyt Group's bicycle chain customers can rely on Touring for roadside assistance and maintenance or repair of their bicycle at home. The cooperation is an important next step for Bike Republic to fully meet all its customers’ needs and assist them anytime and anywhere.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

More than ever a ‘companion on the road’

When Fiets! became Bike Republic in March 2021, this went hand in hand with the explicit ambition to be a true ‘companion of the road’ for customers. Someone who rides with them and who they can count on, so all they have to do is enjoy the ride without a care in the world. It is with this in mind that Colruyt Group’s bicycle chain decided to form a tandem with Touring from 1 December, to offer breakdown assistance and maintenance at home. Two Belgian companies are joining forces to support the increasing number of cyclists on Belgian roads.

Logical partnership

A partnership with Touring was an obvious choice, says Wim Teerlynck, general manager of Bike Republic: “Touring has a lot of expertise in roadside assistance and on-site repairs. Besides, we want to reach many people who are already Touring member, and the other way around. Touring's assistance products are more than relevant for our customers. So it's a win-win situation. For us, for Touring and not in the least for our customers who enjoy an even better service.”

Test period in Flemish-Brabant

The cooperation will initially start as a test project. In December 2021, anyone who buys an e-bike from Bike Republic will receive a free ‘Touring Bike’ breakdown assistance package that is valid for one year. Private customers in the Flemish-Brabant region will also be able to book a service or repair at home from December 2021 to September 2022. A Touring bicycle technician will then visit you, subject to payment of € 25 travel expenses. You can make an appointment via the Bike Republic site or the Touring website. If a bicycle cannot be repaired at home, Touring will take it to the nearest of five Bike Republic shops in the region: Boortmeerbeek, Groot-Bijgaarden, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Grimbergen or Leuven. The cooperation will be evaluated in September 2022.

Mobile service van

Home repair is not something completely new for Bike Republic. B2B customers of the bicycle retailer could already rely on the service when buying or leasing their company bicycle. Bike Republic’s mobile service van travels from company site to office building to maintain the bicycles of employees while they are at work. Due to the positive feedback from the professional customers, the project to offer this service to private individuals also gained momentum. The cooperation with Touring fits in perfectly with this.

A tailor-made service for the new mobility user

“Our mobility has become so much richer and more versatile in recent years, with the success of the bicycle as the best example,” commented Bruno de Thibault, CEO of Touring. “We accompany this sustainable evolution with tailor-made services, including bicycle assistance and bicycle repair or maintenance at home. The partnership between Bike Republic and Touring is a great story that perfectly matches our DNA as an assistance provider: to offer the conscious cyclist who chooses a quality bicycle, extra security and peace of mind.”

Bike Republic facts & figures

- 18 stores. The Bike Republic store chain will grow ambitiously in the coming years.
​- More than 100 employees, a number that will increase in the coming years. Bike Republic is currently looking for new employees.
​- Under Bike Republic, the company's own bicycle brand Hiron is further expanded. That currently stands for a range of electric bicycles.

About Bike Republic

Bike Republic – Fiets! at the time - was founded in 2010 and has expanded into a network of 16 specialist cycle shops in Belgium: in Antwerp, Boechout, Boortmeerbeek, Dilbeek, Oudenaarde, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Ghent Dampoort and Rooigem, Hasselt, Herentals, Kuurne, Louvain, Merksem, Roeselare, Wijnegem and Diksmuide. Bike Republic is the leading player in the sale of branded bicycles, cycle wear and accessories. The concept distinguishes itself by a high-quality offer and the expertise of its teams. Bike Republic is the dealer of numerous top brands such as Hiron, Trek, Flyer, Koga, Cube, Gazelle, Cortina, Ridley, Kettler and Oxford. The specialist cycle shop also provides bicycle maintenance and repair services. Companies can lease or purchase company bicycles at Bike Republic. You can find more information at Bike Republic is part of Colruyt Group since 2019.

About Touring

As the first assistance organisation in Belgium in the field of roadside assistance (1948) and travel assistance (1958) at home and abroad, Touring belongs to the most experienced players on the Belgian market. Over the years, Touring has strengthened its market position and evolved from the largest motoring association to the most important mobility organisation in the country. Today, Touring has more than 2,800,000 members/road users and 450,000 families with travel assistance who can count on medical, technical and personal assistance around the clock, as well as specialist advice in broad mobility issues. The Domestic Emergency Centre has 105 employees and processes more than 680,000 calls from motorists, motorcyclists and cyclists with breakdowns each year. In Belgium, Touring has about 200 vehicles on the road for roadside assistance and breakdown services.