Spar Ruddervoorde has opened its doors

Spar Ruddervoorde has opened its doors

New store, same trusted team

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The Spar store in Ruddervoorde opened its doors on Tuesday, 12 March. The local supermarket on Torhoutsestraat has been transformed into a Spar, with Spar Ruddervoorde’s primary focus being a wide selection of fresh and local products, shopping convenience, and a pleasant customer experience. Independent entrepreneur Peter Degrande and his team will now be offering customers a taste of the well-known Spar quality on a daily basis.

Time for a revamp

The new Spar store on Torhoutsestraat 51 in Ruddervoorde opened its doors on 12 March. You may recognise the address: the building once housed another supermarket. The entire team of the previous supermarket, including full-time employees, flex workers, and the butcher’s shop staff, made the transition along with the store.

At the helm is independent entrepreneur Peter Degrande. Seven years ago, after working at Coca-Cola for 28 years, he took over a neighbourhood store in Ruddervoorde. Peter has a true passion for food and is extremely satisfied with the switch to Spar. “The transition took place seamlessly,” he says. “The store was closed for just one day, during which a team of 30 colleagues rolled up our sleeves to get everything prepared for the opening. This involved reorganising the product range, installing new checkouts, creating new price labels, and so on. It was intense, but I am very proud of the impressive result.”

Familiar Spar (local) quality

At Spar Ruddervoorde, every effort has been made to offer customers a pleasant shopping experience. “A number of our aisles were given a completely new layout. For instance, our coffees, cleaning products, beers, pastas, and jams are now better arranged in the store,” says Peter.

During the transition to Spar, Peter also added the Boni Selection and Everyday ranges. Spar Ruddervoorde also puts an emphasis on local produce. The store offers a wide selection of locally produced products, such as jams, mustards, Dutch egg cakes, and aperitifs.

The store now also uses Xtra, an app that lets customers create a personal account for use in different Colruyt Group stores. Customers can take advantage of even better shopping deals, as well as easily drafting shopping lists, quickly consulting product information, and much more. Discounts and benefits are calculated automatically when customers present their app or Xtra card at checkout.

Reopening activities

In addition to the general Spar promos, there will also be special opening week offers for Spar Ruddervoorde during the week of 18 April. During the weekend of 20-21 April, customers can sample the local ‘Tietje’ beer, brewed by the De Leite brewery in Ruddervoorde in collaboration with the Beautiful After Breast Cancer Foundation.

More information

  • Spar Ruddervoorde: Torhoutsestraat 51, 8020 Ruddervoorde
  • Peter Degrande, independent entrepreneur of the Ruddervoorde Spar
  • Tel.: +32 (0)50 27 85 32
  • Colruyt Group Press Office

Tel.: +32 (0) 473 92 45 10

Spar Ruddervoorde opening hours:
Monday: noon – 7 p.m.
​Tuesday to Friday: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.
​Saturday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
​Sunday: 7:30 a.m. – noon