Spar Colruyt Group opens renewed Spar Drieslinter on Thursday 24 March

Spar Colruyt Group opens renewed Spar Drieslinter on Thursday 24 March

The local supermarket strongly expands its assortment of fresh products.

Monday, March 21, 2022

On Thursday 24 March the renewed Spar Drieslinter will open its doors. From 6 March, the store closed for a while for thorough renovations. Apart from a fresh look the store will also have a new focus: fresh products. "We're transforming our local supermarket into a local fresh mart", says store manager Jo Quaghebuer, who has been running Spar Drieslinter together with his wife Dominique Belen for 17 years.

Trusted store in a new outfit

"The entire store was given a thorough facelift", beams Jo. "Everything but the refrigerators has been stripped and replaced. New lighting, ceiling, shelves, vegetable island, bakery, you name it." The store is also changing to a different check-out system. The moving bands at the check-out will disappear, from now on the co-workers will move the products from one shopping trolley to another. "We noticed that the handling runs more pleasantly and smoothly that way, for us and certainly also for the customer."

From local supermarket to 'local fresh mart'

The customers of Spar Drieslinter can still rely on their trusted store for all their purchases. But Jo and Dominique wanted to use the refurbishment to give the store a conceptual twist. With a bigger focus on fresh products. "Our store already had a pretty strong offer of fresh products. For the residents of Drieslinter, we already were the only butcher's shop in the neighbourhood. But we want to do even better!"

Where did the idea come from? According to Jo, the demand for fresh products is growing ever bigger. "I believe it is due to the rejuvenation of the neighbourhood. Young parents find it important for their children to eat fresh food. And to that end, they are prepared to buy fresh products several times a week. That is why Spar Drieslinter turns into a 'local fresh mart', with an extensive assortment of vegetables, fruit, sliced cold meat, cheese, meat and fish."

Strong and stable team

Jo and Dominique are lucky to have an extensive team. They can count on around 20 permanent co-workers and about 10 students. "It is a great gang, and a good mix of young and experienced", Jo laughs. "Some people have been working here for a longer time than we have ourselves!"

Jo and Dominique took over the store in 2005. Jo came from the bakery sector, Dominique from the travel sector. "We have embarked on an adventure, but have not regretted it for a single moment. The best thing about the job? The variation! Sometimes I have to do office work, but the customers can also regularly see me filling the shelves. I am the jack-of-all-trades of the store."

Jo Quaghebeur, independent entrepreneur Spar Drieslinter
​+32 (0)493 50 55 01

Hanne Poppe, Colruyt Group press officer
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Practical information
Spar Drieslinter
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​3350 Linter

Opening hours
Monday: 12:00 - 19:00
​Tuesday - Friday: 8:00 - 19:00
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