Revamped OKay Bissegem reopens on 26 November

On Friday 26 November OKay Bissegem reopens after a thorough renovation. The store with a surface of almost 500 m² was renovated in the style of the latest generation, with a refurbished fresh-mart, low-energy freezers and a handy bread corner. Store manager Annelies and her experienced team are happy to welcome their customers with respect for the current corona measures.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Cosy neighbourhood supermarket

OKay Bissegem has been a trusted name for years because of its practical location, its broad assortment and its personal service. Since its refurbishing, the supermarket has become one of the latest generation OKay stores. Customers in Bissegem can now enjoy a more pleasant shopping experience and do their daily shopping even more easily.


Refurbished fresh-mart, see-through freezers and an extra check-out

When you enter the renewed store, the assortment of fresh products immediately catches your eye. "In our renovated fresh-mart, our fruit and vegetables are showcased even more attractively," says Annelies. The frozen products department looks much fresher too. "All our freezers are now energy-efficient models with glass covers. This allows customers to see at a glance what's inside and find their favourite frozen foods faster." As you leave the store, you will notice that there is now one more checkout than there used to be. This makes shopping at OKay Bissegem an even smoother and faster experience than before.


Brand-new, handy bread unit

Every morning, even before the doors open, fresh bread is delivered to OKay Bissegem. Behind the scenes, co-workers also bake quality rolls and buns. All those goodies are now even more clearly displayed in a renewed bread unit. Annelies: "Our renewed bread corner has been set up in a very ergonomic way and is therefore a lot more convenient than before."


Top team from the region

All these novelties and improvements will contribute to a more pleasant shopping experience and make shopping even easier. But the biggest asset of OKay Bissegem undoubtedly remains the wonderful team of store co-workers. "Every day I can count on a close team of 13 co-workers", says store manager Annelies. "A truly amazing team. All of them are local people with a great deal of experience, for whom customer friendliness, a good service and helpfulness always come first."


Easy to reach by car and bicycle

OKay Bissegem is located on the Meensesteenweg, a connecting road, and is therefore easily accessible. The car park holds space for 54 cars and the bicycle rack has been expanded with 10 extra places. It also accommodates carrier bikes, which makes it even easier to go shopping by bike.


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