Renovated OKay Aubel reopens on 1 October as a sustainable local supermarket

On Friday 1 October, OKay Aubel reopens its doors after undergoing a thorough facelift. The local supermarket was extended from 513 m² to a total floor area of 614 m² and was renovated in the style of the latest generation of OKay stores, with a revamped freshmart and a renewed and larger bread corner as eye-catchers. The spacious parking area and the extra checkout allow customers to get their shopping done even more quickly and easily. Store manager Monique and her team are happy to welcome their customers in full compliance with the coronavirus measures.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Renewed freshmart and larger bread corner

Also after the renovation, OKay Aubel will maintain its focus on high-quality and ultra-fresh products. The fresh and modern design of the store helps customers find their way around the wide product range. "The renewed freshmart for instance allows us to display our fresh fruit and vegetables to full advantage. Our range of fresh produce has also been extended and has been very clearly structured to make it even easier for our customers to choose", store manager Monique says. The bread corner has also had a makeover. "It is now much larger than before and the new bread cabinets are also much more convenient, for both our own co-workers and our customers. The bread that is delivered fresh every day is now displayed in an even more attractive way. The same goes for the high-quality rolls and pastries that are baked off several times a day in the store.”


Chest-type freezers with glass lid and extra checkout

The freezer department has also been reorganised. "We installed new, energy-efficient chest-type freezers. With glass lids. Customers can see what is in them at a glance and find their favourite products much faster." One striking element is the extra checkout in the checkout area, making the shopping experience at OKay Aubel even faster and smoother than before.


Top team from the region

The greatest asset of OKay Aubel is and remains its wonderful store team. "I can count on a close-knit team of about 10 co-workers every day," Monique says. "A truly amazing team. All members live in the area and all of them have plenty of experience."


Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

Like the other Colruyt Group store formats, OKay attaches great importance to building and renovating sustainably and with a minimum ecological footprint. "OKay Aubel is now a low-energy store. The store is fitted out exclusively with energy efficient LED lights, reducing electricity consumption by 30 %", Monique explains. "The refrigeration system works on propane, a natural coolant that is much more environment-friendly than synthetic alternatives. This reduces CO2 emissions by 90 % compared to conventional refrigeration systems. Moreover, the heat released by the refrigeration system is recovered to heat the store, thus drastically reducing greenhouse emissions".


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