OKay opens brand-new, sustainable local supermarket in Hoegaarden

OKay opens brand-new, sustainable local supermarket in Hoegaarden

With a large car park and a charging post for electric cars

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

OKay will open its 144th store in Hoegaarden on Friday 11 March. In the practical local supermarket at Tiensestraat, customers can find everything to do their daily shopping quickly, inexpensively and conveniently. The shop covers 572 m² and is built with sustainable techniques and material. Store manager Manon and her team of 7 are happy to invite the local residents to come and discover their new local supermarket.

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Fresh and modern design

OKay Hoegaarden is the 144th OKay store in Belgium. The local supermarket is part of Colruyt Group's new generation of OKay stores and has a fresh and modern design. "In the freshmart, the wide aisles ensure a pleasant shopping experience. Our extensive range of fresh fruit and vegetables is shown to its full advantage", Manon explains. The offer of fresh products is indeed one of OKay's major assets: not only fruit and vegetables, but also dairy products, meat, charcuterie, fish and ready-to-eat meals. "We also placed a stand just outside the freshmart, that offers a wide range of meat, fish and veggie snacks to spend a nice aperitif evening with friends."

At OKay Hoegaarden, fresh bread is delivered every day and the co-workers bake off high-quality rolls and pastries several times a day. All these delicious products are presented in a handy bread rack. Manon: “Our bread corner has a highly ergonomic design and is very user-friendly for both the co-workers and the customers." The frozen products department has chest-type freezers with glass lids. That way, customers can find their favourite products fast and easily.

Easily reachable

The new OKay store is located at the Tiensestraat 78 in the centre of Hoegaarden. The arrival of the local supermarket means inhabitants no longer have to travel to Tienen or Jodoigne to do their shopping. "Our store is located at the former timber yard Vandermolen, well-known here in Hoegaarden. They are now 100 meters further down the road", Manon says. "Our car park has 46 bays, two of which are equipped with a charging post for electric cars. Customers who like to leave the car on the side every now and then can use the spacious bicycle shed, which also has room for cargo bicycles."

Minimal environmental impact

Like the other Colruyt Group store formats, OKay is firmly committed to building sustainably and with a minimal ecological footprint. “We do not use fossil fuels at OKay Hoegaarden", Manon explains. "The refrigeration unit for instance now runs on propane gas. Thus, our refrigeration system emits about 90 % less greenhouse gasses than conventional refrigeration systems." Furthermore, the ventilation system recovers 75 % of the heat from the air and rainwater is buffered to relieve the sewer system.

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Practical information
OKay Hoegaarden
​Tiensestraat 78
​3320 Hoegaarden

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday
​from 8h30 to 19h30

About OKay
​OKay is Colruyt Group’s local supermarket format. Customers can find everything they need there. OKay stores are set up near town or city centres and guarantee the lowest prices in the neighbourhood. OKay opened its very first store on 14 January 1998 in Ertvelde and has since then been opening an average of 6 new stores every year. They intend to keep up this frequency in the years to come. Today, OKay has about 140 stores in Belgium. Since November 2015, the chain also has its own distribution centre at the industrial estate of Lot (Beersel) in Flemish Brabant. OKay currently employs more than 2,500 co-workers.