Newpharma and Jims make good health more accessible with Nutri- and Sports profile tests

Newpharma and Jims make good health more accessible with Nutri- and Sports profile tests

Synergy with Collect&Go: link between Health & Food in practice

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Making good health – in the broadest sense of the word – easier and more accessible for everyone is an important mission for Colruyt Group. Following that line of reasoning, Newpharma and Jims are both launching their own free online tool to inform and support people in making lifestyle improvements. Newpharma’s ‘Nutri-Test’ offers free advice on dietary patterns and supplements, with adapted recipes whose ingredients can be ordered with a single click via Collect&Go. Jims, on the other hand, has developed a test that assigns users a sports profile that includes linked Collect&Go recipes. Both initiatives have the same goal, namely to use the link between an active lifestyle and nutrition to have a positive impact on the overall health of the entire population..

As a retailer with a significant reach, Colruyt Group believes it can play a positive role in actively contributing to a healthy lifestyle for everyone in terms of diet, exercise and mental well-being. Newpharma and Jims launched a few concrete new applications in this area today that demonstrate that considerable synergy can be achieved within the various Colruyt Group brands. After all, the retail group has developed an entire area of expertise with a focus on health that explores more and more opportunities, some of which are then marketed.

Focusing even more on healthy and well-balanced eating habits

The Newpharma website, Colruyt Group’s online pharmacy, now includes the ‘Nutri-Test’. This free test consists of a simple questionnaire of around 30 questions about such things as eating habits, mood and sleep. The results are used to compile a personal (dietary) profile with personalised nutritional supplements. The profiles also include recipes that are adapted to the specific needs of the individual. The ingredients required for the recipes can be added to a Collect&Go order with one click. Finally, the Nutri-Test profile includes advice from Newpharma pharmacists and nutritional experts. A free video appointment lets users receive even more personal advice.

“Our intention is to make the Nutri-Test as easy and accessible as possible. Thanks to our many years of Colruyt Group experience in collaboration with SmartWithFood, Hello Health and since last year, also Yoboo, we’ve been able to further develop our tools to reach more people with health advice. The goal continues to be to provide an easily accessible way to provide health insight and support in order to intrinsically motivate people to take important steps towards a healthier lifestyle,” Gilles Jourquin, CEO of Newpharma, explains.

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand

Jims is also implementing a platform called ‘Jims’ Health Club’ where people can create a sports profile free of charge. After doing a quiz, they can discover which of the four possible sports profiles applies best to them, such as that of a ‘Happy performer’ or a ‘Healthy lifestyle fan’. The platform can also be used to find more information and practical tips for achieving specific exercise goals. Apart from exercise advice, specific nutritional recommendations have now also been added. Each sports profile includes personalised recipes with ingredients that can be added to a Collect&Go basket directly. 

The recipes are tailored to the needs of the specific sports profile as much as possible, such as low-calorie and high-protein recipes for those looking to adapt their body composition. For profiles with a focus on building muscles and getting into better shape, Jims considers the importance of carbohydrates and sufficient calorie intake in order to optimally support sports performance. Finally, personal preferences are also taken into account as much as possible, such as a plant-based, Mediterranean or gluten-free diet.

“We take a fresh approach to linking exercise and retail via Jims’ Health Club. This is possible because the partnership with Collect&Go enables us to not only share our exercise expertise, but also offer nutritional guidance. As a result, exercise and nutrition truly go hand in hand towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. With this application, we are making good health genuinely easier to achieve and are making life easier for sports enthusiasts: our goal is for their groceries to be ready for them after they have finished exercising, so that they can eat healthy the entire week – in line with their specific goal and/or profile. For us, this is only the first step of our unique guidance approach that we are working on,” Pieterjan Nuitten, CEO of Jims, concludes.

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