Fiets! changes to Bike Republic

Merelbeke, 1 March 2021 - Bicycle chain Fiets! is renamed Bive Republic on 6 March 2021. The name change comes with a new interpretation and fitting of the shops. Everything will be dominated even more by pure biking fun and an excellent service to the customer before, during and after the sale, in the shops and online. After the complete acquisition by Colruyt Group in 2019, the name change is another step in the company's growth strategy. With this new name and a new shop concept, Bike Republic goes flat out for expansion in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. Indeed, Bike Republic wants to guarantee pure biking pleasure across the language border as well.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Closet to the customer as 'fellow traveller'

Bike Republic wants to be a fellow traveller for its customers at all times. Someone, who rides with them and on whom they can count, so all they have to do is enjoy the ride without a care in the world. Consequently, we focus even more on service, expertise and accessibility. In the shops, but online as well at, with a/o a larger range, an online appointment tool, a sizing tool and a bikefinder. Bike Republic helps its customers find the ideal bike or step, but on top of that, it provides breakdown assistance, maintenance, bicycle insurances and an excellent after-sales service. Wim Teerlynck, general manager for Bike Republic: “The name Bike Republic is a well-considered choice. It is recognisable for Dutch- and French-speaking people. Bike represents the product, which remains at centre stage. Republic stands for solidarity, the community around biking experiences and biking pleasure. In this way, Bike Republic is a real fellow traveller for private and B2B customers."

For companies as well

Bike Republic also wants to inspire companies and their co-workers to choose a company bicycle. For this purpose, it proposes customised formulas and co-workers can choose from a broad range of bicycles. Moreover, Bike Republic handles all repairs and maintenance in its own workshops. Companies can count on an all-in service: advice for purchasing, tax advice, driving ability training and a service van, it's all included. "Companies are happy to see our service van arriving," Teerlynck knows. "Experienced technicians service and repair the bicycles on location at the companies if they wish this. This extra service is much appreciated."

Pleasant shopping environment

Customers will be accompanied through the range of bicycles even better. Service and expertise are clearly standing out. Bike Republic closely follows trends and developments in micro-mobility and focuses on the sustainable development and production of bicycles. "Since we expand our offer by giving cargo, steps and e-urban a prominent place in our shops, customers can find their ideal means of transport much quicker," says Wim Teerlynck.

New openings at hand

As from 6 March, the Fiets! shop front marketing will be replaced with the Bike Republic sign. By that time, the former Fiets! shop in Kuurne will have moved to a property nearby (Ringlaan 11) and reopened as Bike Republic. Furthermore, a new Bike Republic will open in Dilbeek (Robert Dansaertlaan 9b) and another in Oudenaarde (Westering 41) one month later. These three branches will be the first to be immersed in the new shop concept. The remaining shops will be converted step by step. Teerlynk: "It is our ambition to double the number of shops in the years ahead."


Bike Republic facts & figures

  • 16 shops (including Dilbeek and Oudenaarde). The Bike Republic shopping park will grow ambitiously in the years ahead.
  • 110 co-workers, and this number will increase. Bike Republic is looking for new co-workers.
  • Our own Hiron bicycle label will be further developed under Bike Republic. It represents a range of electric bicycles, about which you can find more information here.


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About Bike Republic

Bike Republic – Fiets! at the time - was founded in 2010 and has expanded into a network of 16 specialist cycle shops in Belgium: in Antwerp, Boechout, Boortmeerbeek, Dilbeek, Oudenaarde, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Ghent Dampoortand Rooigem, Hasselt, Herentals, Kuurne, Louvain, Merksem, Roeselare, Wijnegem and Diksmuide. Bike Republic is the leading player in the sale of branded bicycles, cycle wear and accessories.The concept distinguishes itself by a high-quality offer and the expertise of its teams. Bike Republic is the dealer of numerous top brands such as Hiron, TrekFlyerKogaCube, Gazelle, Cortina, Ridley, Kettler and Oxford. The specialist cycle shop also provides bicycle maintenance and repair services. Companies can lease or purchase company bicycles at Bike Republic. You can find more information at Bike Republic is part of Colruyt Group since 2019.