Completely renovated Spar Compact Beerzel opens its doors on 7 October

On Thursday 7 October, the revamped Spar Compact Colruyt Group store in Beerzel opens again after 3 weeks of renovation work. The supermarket underwent a true metamorphosis: the whole interior was renewed and the refrigeration system was replaced with larger, low-energy refrigerated cabinets. The range of fresh products, the catering department and the supply of bread and pastries are much bigger and more neatly arranged. Lucie, Wim and the entire Spar-team are glad to welcome back their clients with a nice surprise.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Low-energy cooling units

In the past weeks, Spar Compact Beerzel was thoroughly updated to a fresh and modern store. Lucie Mariën and her husband Wim Wijns are delighted with their new store: "We have been running this Spar Compact store in Beerzel for 10 years and the latest adaptations to the store go back to before our time." The store has a new ceiling, a new floor and a new cooling system. "By placing closed cooling units, we can save a lot of energy and since we have more room now, we can separate the different assortments better. This makes it easier for our customers to find what they are looking for, " Lucie explains.

Broad assortment

With the reorganisation of the store, the assortments could be extended. Customers can now choose from a broader range of fresh products, ready meals, bread and pastries. A nice eye-catcher is the new on-the-go unit with fresh tapas and refreshing smoothies. "The alterations and the new, larger assortment are quite a challenge for our team. But we are ready to further expand our store," she says.

Spacious car park and fresh meals

"Last year, we already extended our car park with 8 extra places. We now bought the house next door to accommodate our office and the kitchen," Lucie explains. In the kitchen, Lucie and her team prepare fresh meals every day. All the customers have to do is warm them up.

Service with a smile

The biggest asset of Spar Compact Beerzel is undoubtedly the friendly and thoughtful service. Lucie and Wim get help from a loyal team of co-workers and students. The team is ready every day to welcome the customers personally and to serve them with a smile.

Fries for all customers

Lucie, Wim and their team are looking forward to presenting their new store to their customers. That is why on Saturday 9 October, they will be treating them to a free packet of fries. In addition, each customer receives a free bottle of cava as from € 35, ideal to drink a toast to this good-looking new Spar store.