Colruyt Stabroek: larger store with broader range of products

On Wednesday 28 October, Colruyt Stabroek reopens its doors after a few months renovation work. The store was renovated and made one fourth larger. An important change is the location of the entrance: it is now in the middle of the site. Cyclists and pedestrians have a separate path from Abtsdreef to the Colruyt store grounds. All road users can reach the entrance easily and safely now.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Pleasant shopping on 1,105 m²

The renovated store in Stabroek was expanded to 1,105 m², a fourth larger than before. Store manager Kevin Stevens: "A larger store means that we can offer more products in all the departments. I am happy to welcome our customers in our renovated store. In the larger store, they discover all the advantages they are used to at Colruyt."

Better accessibility

During the renovation, Colruyt Stabroek has also been made better accessible. "The entrance of the store is now in the middle of the site, with most of the parking spaces around it. The bike and footpath from Abtsdreef makes the store easily and safely accessible to everyone," says the store manager.

The car park was expanded from 51 to 89 places, it has a charging post for electric cars and a bicycle shed. The collaboration with the pharmacy next door is also nice for customers. They can visit the pharmacy before or after they shop at the Colruyt store while leaving their car on our car park.

Sustainable choices

For this renovation, Colruyt made some sustainable choices. The store is equipped with solar panels, which means it runs completely on solar power on sunny days. When it is necessary, this can be completed with green power. Furthermore, Colruyt Stabroek is a low-energy store with optimal insulation, ventilation, cooling and heating.

For more information, please contact:

  • Philip Sterck (regional manager) at 02 345 23 45.
  • Eva Biltereyst (Colruyt Lowest Prices press officer) at 0479 72 29 10

Practical information:

Colruyt Stabroek
​ Abtsdreef 10E
​ 2940 Stabroek

Opening hours:
​ Mon - Sat: 8.30 - 20.00
​ Fri: 8.30 - 21.00