Colruyt Lowest Prices sells Covid self-tests

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Colruyt Lowest Prices sells Covid self-tests

Colruyt wants to give consumers easy access to self-tests
1 December 2021 - Starting tomorrow, 2 December, Colruyt sells Covid self-tests in all Colruyt Lowest Prices shops. By doing so, Colruyt offers a response to the demand of customers to be able to easily purchase self-tests during their shopping. This decision fits in with the retailer's ambition to make a contribution in the field of preventive health care. Colruyt sells high quality self-tests from the list of approved self-tests of the FAMHP.

Self tests on the shop shelf

In recent days, Colruyt Lowest Prices received an increasing number of requests from customers to be able to purchase self-tests in their supermarket. Geert Elen, division manager at Colruyt Lowest Prices: "Everyone wants to do their bit to get the pandemic under control and self-testing is playing an increasingly important role in this, in addition to keeping distance, washing hands and using masks. People want to protect themselves and their families and friends. We would like to meet this need by offering Covid self-tests for sale in all our Colruyt Lowest Prices shops."
​Colruyt sells high-quality self-tests that have been approved by the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products.

Cooperation with Newpharma

There was a close cooperation with the colleagues of Newpharma, Colruyt Group's online pharmacy. Gilles Jourquin, Managing Director of Newpharma: "Newpharma has extensive expertise in healthcare through our own pharmacists. As part of Colruyt Group, we found it obvious to share our expertise on self-testing, especially in the field of quality and information on the use of self-tests. Customers can also find this information on the Newpharma website.”
​Self-tests can also be purchased online. This can be done via, Colruyt Group's online pharmacy. There, customers will find a wide range of self-tests.

A further step in preventive health

Since the beginning of this year, Colruyt Lowest Prices offers a specific range of parapharmaceutical products in more than 160 shops. Also 95 OKay shops have a parapharmacy section. Geert Elen: "Offering parapharmaceutical products fits within our ambition to contribute to a healthy lifestyle and preventive health. We want to make these products more accessible and thus increase the simplicity for the customer. Selling self-tests is a logical step for us."

Depending on availability, other Colruyt Group shops will also be able to offer self-tests to their customers in the near future.