Colruyt Lowest Prices at Dottignies reopens: a revamped, low-energy store

The Colruyt Lowest Prices store in Dottignies reopens its doors on Wednesday 4 August. The store has been completely reorganised and the fresh market is bigger, so customers can enjoy a broader range of fresh products. The butcher's shop also received a complete makeover with an open workshop facilitating contact with the butchers.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Quick and efficient shopping

The Colruyt Lowest Price store in Dottignies has been completely reorganised and the fresh market is bigger. Store manager Nicolas Brassart explains: "We are happy to welcome our customers in our completely revamped store. In the fresh market, they can choose from a larger range of products now. For their fresh meat, they will discover a self-service butcher's shop that received a complete makeover. They can see our qualified butchers at work in an open workshop, which is practical if they want to place a special order or ask information."

Special care for the environment

For the renovation of its Dottignies store, Colruyt Group invested in sustainability. This store does not use any fossil fuels and recovers rain water to clean the store and flush the toilets. The car park is equipped with a recharging post for electric vehicles.

The Colruyt Dottinies team is ready

Considering the health situation, there will be no open evening when the store reopens. Store manager Nicolas Brassart adds: "Come and discover our renovated Colruyt store at Dottignies and we will offer a small welcome gift. My team and I are looking forward to welcoming you safely. For this reason, we want to ask you to observe all health precautions."

If you need more information, feel free to contact:
​• André Baudet (regional manager) at 02 345 23 45
​• Eva Biltereyst (Colruyt Meilleurs Prix press officer) at 0479 72 29 10

Useful information:
​Colruyt Dottignies
​Place A. Degandt 18
​7711 Dottignies

Opening hours:
Mon. - Sat. : 8.30 - 20.00
​Fri. : 8.30 - 21.00

Download pictures of the store here.