Colruyt Group Spar Herstal opens its doors

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

On Thursday 23 May, a new Spar store is opening at 283 Rue Émile Muraille in Herstal. The new store perfectly embodies what Spar stands for and you will see that from, among other things, the interior design, from what’s on offer, the environmentally-friendly technology and the warm, human atmosphere. In addition, the store also stands out with its range of local products sourced from local producers and complemented by Italian specialities. These can be tasted in a tasting room where the warm and hospitable atmosphere is an asset. 

Local products and Italian specialities 

The Spar store is in the lively neighbourhood of La Préalle, along one of the city’s arteries. “We don’t just want to provide a good service for locals, but also for customers from the wider area who want to do all their shopping under one roof”, says the proprietor, Toni Di Renzo. 

With a surface area of 900 m2, the store is large enough to shop comfortably. Toni: “We’re able to display a wide range over this surface area, but in a warm and hospitable setting. The store is decorated according to Spar’s latest design, highlighting the fresh produce department in particular. We’re also proud of our high-quality bakery, in partnership with a traditional baker from Liège. What’s more, we have an extensive range of dishes prepared with natural ingredients, including fresh pasta, which we prepare on site. Of course, the store has also a sophisticated fixed range for daily of weekly shopping. In addition, we offer our customers a wide range of food products that are produced in the region, including vegetables, salads, ice cream and groceries. To top it all, we also have an exclusive range of sustainable specialities straight from Italy, e.g. olive oil, wine, honey, propolis or pasta. We hope this will be a pleasant surprise for our customers.”

A team at the customer’s service 

Ingrid and Toni De Renzo, the proprietors, are really wanting to respond to the dynamism and the warm hospitality so typical of the region. Toni: “By cooperating with Colruyt Group, Spar does not just stand for quality and freshness, but also for unbeatable prices. Our store also focuses on contact with the customers, just like the exclusive tasting room with its terrace, where customers can enjoy our natural products in peace and quiet. 
​ The proprietors would like to become fully integrated into the local community. The new low-energy building has already become a fixture at the heart of the district. The store is kitted out with LED lighting, a highly eco-friendly energy system and a heat recovery facility. It re-uses the surplus energy to heat or cool the store. To complete this, there are 50 convenient parking spaces. 

Local employment

The store also provides employment throughout the region: around fifteen employees, mainly from the neighbourhood, will be welcoming customers. “We love keeping in contact with people. We are delighted to be able to share our passion for good food with them now, just as we are our penchant for fresh and natural ingredients”, say Ingrid and Toni.