Colruyt Group once again supports fruit growers by selling pure juice

Monday, November 7, 2016

For the third year in a row, Colruyt Group is taking the initiative to support Belgian apple and pear growers. Under the house brand Boni Selection, Colruyt and OKay are now offering 250,000 bottles of purely squeezed apple juice and an equal amount of bottled apple-pear juice. The juice is made from Jonagold apples and Conference pears from several long-term fruit suppliers. Colruyt Group wants to support them because the sector is dealing with overproduction and low prices, among other things due to the export ban to Russia. Thanks to this action, more fruit is put to good use. Plus, there is a high consumer demand for purely squeezed juices.


Less food waste

The pure juice is made from 457 tonnes of Jonagold apples and 94 tonnes of Conference pears from long-term fruit suppliers, including Danny Neven from Waremme and brothers Christophe and Pascal Bangels from Haspengouw. “We’ve been working with these fruit growers for a while, and we understand all too well how difficult having this excess fruit in the sector is for them, and the resultant low prices,” says Rony Neufkens, department head vegetable and fruit purchasing. “We want to use this action to give them a boost so that they aren’t stuck with high quantities of unsold fruit.”


100% purely squeezed juice

The fresh Boni Selection juices are extremely good quality juices. Only apples and pears from the most recent harvest are used; this fruit is grown with respect for the environment. It is 100% purely squeezed juice, without any added sugar or preservatives. The juice is bottled in nonreturnable, 75-cl glass bottles. After purchase, it can be kept in the refrigerator for approx. 35 days, but is only good for three days once opened.

The apple juice and apple-pear juice is available in the Colruyt and OKay fresh-food sections for €1.69 per bottle. Colruyt gives a 10% extra discount on purchases of 6 of the same/mixed bottles and a 15% discount on purchases of 12 bottles.