Colruyt Group Academy’s new webinars: inspiration for today’s challenges

Colruyt Group Academy’s new webinars: inspiration for today’s challenges

With a varied range of topics - from mental well-being over parenting to sustainability - the 'LifeTalks' offer relevant inspiration and practical tips for individual use.

Thursday, February 9, 2023

In March, Colruyt Group Academy will start its first LifeTalks: webinars with Dutch- and French-speaking specialists and experts by experience. Jef Colruyt will kick off the talks, while names such as top chef Seppe Nobels, author Ish Ait Hamou and top neurologist Dr Steven Laureys are scheduled at later times. They will talk ‘live’ to participants about their expertise or tell them how they have tackled certain challenges. The topics are varied: mental well-being, exercise, balanced nutrition, but equally parenting or sustainability. Recognisable stories that offer accessible inspiration, information and tips as people increasingly seek guidance. The webinars are also interesting for companies, which can support their employees in this way.

Responding to the growing need for guidance

The past turbulent years have caused people to increasingly question what is really important in their lives, and to look for handholds to be better protected against uncertainties. This is according to Colruyt Group's qualitative research on social trends. Finding out more about topics they are concerned about can help consumers find steadiness and direction in their lives. And the new LifeTalks webinars respond to just that. Without much effort, people can learn about relevant topics and - through practical tips - tap into their strengths.

For the LifeTalks, Colruyt Group Academy, Colruyt Group's brand that has been offering original workshops for ten years, therefore invites fascinating speakers to talk about socially relevant themes. Their stories support participants to eat healthier, exercise more or handle stress with more resilience, for example. Moreover, the speakers answer live to some frequently asked questions in the chat. "You will get insights from them that will give a fresh look at your own situation and thus also enrich your life", Barbara Van Schaeren, in charge of the programme, says. "Thanks to the practical tips, you can get started on your own afterwards, or share a good feeling with others." ​

For businesses as well

Colruyt Group Academy is also aiming at companies with the new offer. After all, the LifeTalks can perfectly be part of their well-being policy. Moreover, they are low-threshold and practical, especially now that we increasingly work from home and physical moments of inspiration are harder to organise. "By offering employees free participation, for example, a company can do its bit for their social, physical or psychological well-being", Barbara Van Schaeren explains. "These are three essential areas in a well-being policy at work. In addition, this is also a way of showing employees appreciation for their efforts. As a company, they are your main capital. If they feel good about themselves and are resilient, it has a positive effect on the whole organisation. So, it pays off to invest in that. This has been standard procedure at Colruyt Group for years. Employees, as with all our workshops, receive a 30 % discount when they participate in our LifeTalks."

Kick-off by Jef Colruyt

Participants can easily follow the LifeTalks at home in the evening: they take place online, via YouTube Live, and last about an hour. Moreover, they are particularly affordable: only seven euros per session. "In this way, we want to give as many people as possible the chance and incentive to participate", Barbara Van Schaeren continues. "Each webinar only goes live once, but those who signed up can watch the recording again afterwards." Jef Colruyt, CEO of Colruyt Group, will kick off on 14 March with a free webinar on how he stays optimistic in these uncertain times. Many other well-known names will follow after.

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Practical info:

The first speakers from March to November 2023


Dutch-speaking speakers

  • 14 March - Jef Colruyt - CEO Colruyt Group - Een positief verschil maken in onzekere tijden
  • 13 April - Ish Ait Hamou - choreographer and storyteller - Voor jezelf durven kiezen
  • 17 April - Steven Laureys - neurologist - Slapen is niet voor watjes
  • 25 April - Leen Dendievel - actress - Laat angst niet regeren
  • 4 May - Steven Gielis - parenting expert - Boost het zelfvertrouwen van je kind
  • 11 May - Sandra Bekkari - nutritionist – Gezond eten en genieten van je leven
  • 6 June - Nina Mouton - psychologist – Zelfzorg, het begin van alles
  • 8 June - Seppe Nobels - vegetable chef - BBQ op wereldse wijze
  • 11 September - Michaël Vrijmoed - star chef – Creatief koken voor gasten
  • 14 September - Koen Naert - marathon champion – Gezond opbouwen naar sportieve doelen
  • 24 October - Dominique Persoone - chocolatier - Mexicaans koken met chocolade


French-speaking speakers

  • 18 April – Mélanie Mayné – psychotherapist – Réalisez un gâteau comme un pro
  • 27 April – Thomas d’Ansembourg – psychotherapist – Cessez d’être gentil, soyez vrai
  • 16 May – Isabelle Roskam – psychologist – Retrouvez la joie d’être parent
  • 19 September – Luc Noël – television presenter and author – Le jardin de demain
  • 16 November – Dominique Monami – former tennis champion – Boostez votre énergie


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