Colruyt Boom: renovated store with larger Collect&Go pick-up point

On Wednesday 28 April, the renovated Colruyt Lowest Prices store in Boom will reopen its doors. The store has been completely revamped and the fresh market, butchery and frozen products department have become larger. This means that customers will be able to choose from a broader assortment. The Collect&Go pick-up point has been reorganised and is larger than before, which means more customers can be helped.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Wider choice of products

The Colruyt Lowest Prices store in Boom has been completely refurbished and the fresh market, butchery and frozen food department have been enlarged in the process. Store manager Maarten Van Ingelgem: "This enables us to provide an even wider range of products of national brands and private labels. Customers can rely on our larger self-service butchery for fresh meat and they see our qualified butchers at work in an open workshop, If they have questions or special orders, they can directly talk to them."

Collect&Go: we do your shopping for you

The Collect&Go collection point has been renovated and enlarged, allowing for more customers to be served. Collect&Go is Colruyt Group's online shopping service. Customers send their shopping lists to or through the app and co-workers have their products ready at the pick-up point by the day and time of their choice. 

Sustainable choices

Sustainability was taken into account during the renovation. The renovated Colruyt is a low-energy store. The residual heat released from the cooling installations is recovered, which means the store emits 90 % fewer greenhouse gasses.  Rainwater is used to clean and to flush the toilets.

The team of Colruyt Boom is ready for you

Because of corona measures, there will not be an opening evening. Store manager Maarten Van Ingelgem: "Come and discover the renovated Colruyt in Boom and we prepare a small welcome gift. My team and I are looking forward to welcoming everyone in safe conditions. We are therefore asking our customers to shop alone and to observe all government rules."

For more information, you can contact: 

  • Eric Geysen (regional manager) at 02 345 23 45
  • Eva Biltereyst (Colruyt Lowest Prices press officer) at 0479 72 29 10

Practical information: 

Colruyt Boom
​ Papensteenstraat 1
​ 2850 Boom

Opening hours:

Mon - Sat: 8.30 - 20.00
​ Fri: 8.30 - 21.00*
​ * Temporarily closed at 20.00 on Fridays

Download photos of the store here