Brand-new Colruyt Lowest Prices opens in Genk

Brand-new Colruyt Lowest Prices opens in Genk

A spacious store with a large assortment of quality products, both from known and private brands (Boni Selection and Everyday).

Monday, August 29, 2022

On Wednesday 31 August 2022 Colruyt Lowest Prices will open a brand-new store at the Hasseltweg in Genk. The new store also houses a Collect&Go collection point. This means that from the end of August, you can visit a 2nd store in Genk for the lowest prices in the region. Moreover, the new store will create 31 jobs in the neighbourhood.

Choice from a broad assortment

The new Colruyt Lowest Prices in Genk is a spacious store with a large assortment of quality products, both from known and private brands (Boni Selection and Everyday). Store manager Dirk Bessemans: "We are happy to welcome our customers in our brand-new store with a spacious fresh market and an extensive frozen products department. For fresh meat, customers can go to the self-service counter." Also, there will always be butchers present that can help in case of questions or special orders."

Collect&Go does your shopping

With the new store, a Collect&Go collection point opens as well. Collect&Go is Colruyt Group's convenient online shopping service. Customers send their shopping list to or the app, and the co-workers have their products ready at the collection point on the day and time of their choice.

Sustainable choices

As always, Colruyt makes sustainable choices. Colruyt Genk is 100% free of fossil fuels and a low-energy store. For example, the heat released by the cooling installation can be recovered to heat the store. And thanks to the energy-efficient LED lighting with sensors, up to 30% less energy is consumed. The green-roof also contributes: it absorbs 50% of the rain water and later releases it back into the atmosphere.

The team is ready for you

Colruyt creates jobs in the region. The team of the new store exists of 31 co-workers, some of which were already working at Colruyt Winterslag and Bree. Store manager Dirk Bessemans: "My co-workers and I are looking forward to welcoming you in our brand-new store. I am convinced that you will soon feel at home. So, we'll meet from Wednesday 31 August. Or come and discover the store for the first time during the open evening on Tuesday 30 August from 17h to 20h."

Rob Tuerlinckx (regional manager) op 02 345 23 45.
​Eva Biltereyst (Colruyt Lowest Prices press officer) at 0479 72 29 10.

Practical information
Colruyt Genk
​Hasseltweg 214-220
​3600 Genk

Opening hours
Mon - Sat: 8.30 am - 8 pm
​Fri: 8.30 am - 9 pm

About Colruyt Lowest Prices
​Colruyt is Colruyt Group's Lowest Prices supermarket. The store chain has been guaranteeing the lowest price for each product at any moment for more than 40 years now. Customers can find about 10,500 food and 7,500 non-food products, from fresh fruit and vegetables and meat to cleaning and care products. Colruyt also stands out by its simplicity, efficient shopping and efforts in the field of sustainability. The chain operates 248 stores in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and employs more than 15,000 people. Customers can also order their purchases in the Colruyt web shop and pick them up in about 221 Collect&Go collection points.