Bike Republic to present first CityQ cargo bike in Belgium at Velofollies

Bike Republic to present first CityQ cargo bike in Belgium at Velofollies

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Bike Republic is heading to the Velofollies bicycle fair with a worldwide first: Colruyt Group's bicycle chain is to become the first and only Belgian reseller of the unique CityQ cargo bikes and will present the very first finished prototype to the general public in Kortrijk. CityQ ebikes really stand out: they have four wheels, are fully covered and thanks to the modular design they can be fitted to meet customers’ needs. In short: a new mobility solution that transposes the comfort of a car to an e-bike.

First finished prototype worldwide at Velofollies

If you come to Kortrijk Xpo on 20, 21 or 22 January, to visit Velofollies, you will definitely be surprised by the unique appearance at stand 118 E. At the bike fair, Bike Republic will present the very first fully finished prototype of the CityQ cargobike to the general public. In fact, it is a global first. CityQ bikes are designed in Norway and built in Germany. So a combination of Scandinavian design and German solidity! Colruyt Group's bicycle chain will become an exclusive dealer of these unique e-bikes in Belgium. The bikes are even reminiscent of the Renault Twizy or the BMW C1 scooters of yesteryear.

The convenience of a car... on a bike

Make no mistake, however: the CityQ is and remains a bicycle, but it is equipped with two rear-wheel motors and - depending on the desired range - one or two batteries. This cargobike supports the cyclist up to a speed of 25 kilometres per hour and, just like a car, it has windscreen wipers, rear-view mirrors, swinging lights, doors, a floor plate... But also a set of pedals. The drive is provided by a drive-by-wire system: the movement of the pedals charges the battery, which in turn drives the motors via electric cables. Comfortable, innovative and a lot less maintenance than the traditional chain or belt drive. In short: you enjoy the convenience of a car, while riding a bike.

Ideal solution in a changing mobility context

Wim Teerlynck - general manager of Bike Republic - is proud that he and his team are allowed to present the bike at Velofollies: "Norwegian-German CityQ is still completely new in Belgium: we are the first to distribute these cargo bikes exclusively and we expect a lot from it. It is not an everyday solution, but a very interesting one for companies or self-employed people who want to invest in cargobikes to deliver their products to people’s homes or to reach their customers in a sustainable way. Traffic jams, low-emission zones, rising fuel prices and transport costs: company managers and business owners need to be creative in the fast-changing mobility context, and the bicycle is and will continue to be an excellent answer."

Travel companion for companies

Bike Republic wants to be a real 'travel companion' for its customers and thus also offer companies the right tailor-made bike solutions. The takeovers of IMP Bike in Evere and Wieleke in Diest and Laakdal - both specialists in the segment of cargo bikes - was a first step towards realising that ambition.

The CityQ dealership is an almost logical consequence. "Bart Daems, our branch manager in Diest, is a real expert in care bikes, tandems and cargo bikes of all kinds. He will work most closely with CityQ to make our dealership a success story. Besides selling the CityQ, Bike Republic will also provide the necessary maintenance and service. By the way, we can also sticker the cargo bike and deliver it fully customised."

Also interesting for private individuals

However, CityQ's cargo bikes are not only interesting for companies. Families can also get this unique bike to replace a car at home. Bart Daems, branch manager of Bike Republic in Diest, said: "The CityQ is modular, so you choose whether you want a closed cargo box or prefer a bench for children to sit on. Together with the customer, we look for the ideal configuration, so that we can deliver a tailor-made bike. You can ride the CityQ on the cycle path, you never need to refuel, you can park it anywhere and, unlike an electric car or moped, the batteries are removable and so you can recharge them inside. So in and around the city, it is basically more convenient than a family car."

Customers can test drive the CityQ at Bike Republic Diest, but the bikes are available at their favourite and nearest shop. The first units will be available from June 2023, but can already be ordered now. Moreover, it is also an option to lease this cargo bike. Prices are on request and vary depending on the finishing.


More information about the unique covered CityQ cargo bikes is available on

Or drop by our stand at Velofollies this weekend. You will find us in Hall 1 at stand 118 E.