A new Spar store opens its doors in Musson

A new Spar store opens its doors in Musson

Monday, May 16, 2022

On Thursday 19 May, a brand-new Spar Colruyt Group store will open its doors in the centre of Musson. This easily accessible local supermarket focuses on fresh products in particular. The customers will enjoy a broad assortment of fruit and vegetables, an extensive bakery area with fresh bread and pastries, and a catering area. Damien and Michaël Swenen, the independent entrepreneurs of Spar in Musson, will focus in particular on giving the customers a warm welcome together with their team and on the local activities of the community in the Gaume. To celebrate the opening of the store, the Spar store invites all local residents to come and discover their new local supermarket and to benefit from offers and actions that cannot be missed.

Focus on fresh products

Fresh products are definitely the flagship of the new Spar store in Musson. Damien and Michaêl thought about everything: in addition to the traditional store format and an extensive bakery, they will propose a tasting room, in which the customers will be able to taste fresh products in a relaxed atmosphere. « This is what will surely distinguish us from other stores in the region », Damien explains. « This tasting room will allow us to be close to our customers, which is a real asset for the store. However, we will also focus on fruit, vegetables, and the bakery rayon, synonymous with freshness and quality. » In the bakery corner, the co-workers bake several kinds of quality bread, pastries and rolls themselves. The shelves are well organised so that customers can immediately find what they are looking for.

Easy access

The brand-new Spar store is ideally located: in the heart of Musson, just a few metres away from all the city services. Located in the Rue Georges Bodard 2A, it is easily accessible on foot, by bicycle and by car, not only for local residents, but for tourists as well. This central location also allows Damien and Michaël to have synergies with local community activities, such as markets, flea markets or one-time events.

The customer comes first

Another great asset of the new Spar in Musson is the friendly welcome. With their respective experience in the retail sector, Damien and Michaël can also rely on their knowledge of the habits of the customers in the region. In addition, the 10 co-workers that form their team are all from the region, which is obviously a great advantage when serving local customer. They will be delighted to help the customers in the search for their favourite product or the discovery of new tastes. Damien concludes: « We were fortunate to be able to create 10 new local jobs, for co-workers from the region. It is an opportunity and we are proud of having such a team to serve the customers, whether they are from Musson or just passing through our beautiful region. »


Damien et Michaël Swenen, independent entrepreneurs of the Spar store in Musson
​+32 (0)63865193

Silja Decock, Colruyt Group press officer
​+32 (0)473924510

Practical information
The Spar store in Musson
​Rue Georges Bodard 2A
​6750 Musson

Opening hours
From Monday to Saturday: from 7h30 to 19h30
​Sunday: from 7h30 to 12h30
​Open on holidays

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