A new-generation Spar store opens at Léglise

On Thursday 22 April, a new-generation Spar Colruyt Group store opens its doors in the village of Léglise. It focuses on welcoming the customer as well as on fresh, quality and local products. The store has a sales surface of 625 m² and is equipped with the very latest insulation, charging posts for electric vehicles and electronic price labels. Dany Clarinval, the employee entrepreneur and his twelve co-workers have a surprise for the opening of the local store, taking into account the current safety measures of course.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Accent on fresh products

Fresh products are undoubtedly the flagship of the local Spar Colruyt store. "No less than half the commercial surface is dedicated to fresh products and that is exactly why we can make a difference. My team and I love to eat good food and you can notice this in the products we provide," employee entrepreneur Dany Clarinval of Spar Léglise explains. Freshness and quality are the order of the day for fruit and vegetables, but also in the delicatessen counter, the butchery, dairy and bakery departments. Every day, the Spar co-workers bake several kinds of bread on the spot so they are crispy fresh.

The customer comes first 

One of the assets of the new Spar of Léglise is the way in which they welcome their customers. To the twelve co-workers, who live in the village, serving the customers is very important. "Listening to the customer is vital. It influences their choice of products, in the delicatessen counter for example," says Dany Clarinval, who has much experience (20 years) in Colruyt Group. A successful welcome is shown by means of small gestures. That is why the team will provide a surprise when the store opens. Taking into account all the safety measures in force at that time of course. 

Ecological, easy-access building

The store of Léglise was built in the style of the new-generation local Spar supermarkets, characterised by a modern and fresh design. Moreover, several investments have a positive impact on the environment. For example, the very latest insulation and electronic price labels. The store is located in an area that is easy to reach, as it is 400 metres from the E25 exit and at the entrance to the village. It has 51 parking spaces and a covered bicycle shed. 

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