A new generation Spar shop opens its doors in Nassogne

On 17 June, a new Spar Colruyt Group shop will open its doors in Nassogne replacing the former shop which became too small to welcome and serve a large number of customers every day. The local supermarket has been refurbished in the new generation Spar shop style. The fruit and vegetable aisle takes pride of place and the freshness of the produce is a core focus. Independent entrepreneurs Micheline and Stéphanie, mother and daughter respectively, aim to offer both a modern shop and a broad assortment of products to please their customers.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Ideal location

With a surface area of 450 m², this new local supermarket will remain close to the former shop located in the middle of the village. Micheline Claude explains: "We had to stay close to our customers who often come to the shop on foot. When the new shop was announced, some of them confided in me about their concerns with the new location. But they just need to go 500 metres further!" The shop is proud to be the only local supermarket in the area, and Micheline and Stéphanie and the 4 employees serve the customers with lots of attention and enthusiasm.

Emphasis on fresh produce

Fresh produce is the real spearhead of the local shop. Everything in the fruit and vegetable aisle, at the delicatessen counter or in the flower aisle is incredibly fresh and high-quality. Stéphanie says: "Flowers have even more importance today, now that we are the only ones in the village to sell them." Enlarging the retail space will also enable us to offer new products which will suit a larger number of customers. Micheline explains: "My daughter, Stéphanie, worked in the delicatessen trade before dedicating herself fully to the Nassogne Spar. She will therefore take care of the butcher's and cold meat assortments. Prepared dishes will also have a place in our assortment given that our clientele is mainly single people and customers who stay at the surrounding campsites and lodges.

The Nassogne Spar, a family story

19 years ago, the shop run by an acquaintance of Micheline and Stéphanie was for sale. It was a dream opportunity for the mother and daughter, who had always wanted to open an independent shop. "In the family, we all have an independent spirit. Without this spirit, you can't take over a shop on your own." And this wonderful story has entered a new phase today, nearly 20 years later, with a new shop whose retail surface area is 450 m2, nearly double that of the former location. This is a wonderful success for the two independent entrepreneurs who always welcome customers with smiles and friendliness.

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