"You provide care, we provide groceries” Colruyt Group launches new initiative to unburden healthcare workers in exceptional corona times

As of today, Colruyt Group's foodservice specialist Solucious is delivering groceries to healthcare workers' homes. This new initiative to support healthcare staff is a continuation of the shopping solution Colruyt Group set up during the first coronavirus wave. From March to May Solucious delivered groceries on the car parks of 13 hospitals in order to prevent hospital staff from having to go to the supermarket. During today's second coronavirus wave the pressure on the healthcare workers in our country is even more severe than in March. Colruyt Group is therefore relaunching its support to our healthcare workers by offering services that are even more tailored to their needs. As of today the groceries are home-delivered and the service is also made available to healthcare workers outside the hospitals.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Wide range of products home-delivered

As from 6 November 2020 healthcare workers can visit Solucious' website and order groceries to have them home-delivered. Solucious has consciously supplemented its professional foodservice range with 5,000 products that are of relevance to private customers. Consumers can order products of well-known national brands as well as Colruyt Group's house brands (Boni Selection and Everyday). Prices will be based on the consumer prices of Collect&Go, Colruyt Group's online pick-up service.

Solucious will deliver the groceries to homes all across Belgium on weekdays, between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., using 2-hour delivery slots. In this way, the foodservice specialist wants to contribute to easing the burden on healthcare workers and their families in these stressful times. "The shopping solution that we came up with in March to support the healthcare staff, received a tremendous response", Yves Van den Brande, in charge of Solucious explains. "With the coronavirus pandemic reaching unprecedented heights and the ever-increasing pressure on our healthcare workers, we again want to make a contribution during the current coronavirus wave. In consultation with the customers of the first wave, we have reviewed our services and ensured they correspond even better with the needs of the healthcare staff as well as those of the healthcare institutions. Home delivery offers healthcare providers that little bit extra comfort and time. Furthermore, this approach allows us to relieve some of the pressure that is being put on the healthcare institutions: thanks to the new service they no longer need to invest time in setting up the necessary logistics on their sites. It also allows us to reach more healthcare workers; not only those working in large hospitals with a car park infrastructure, but also those active in other care organisations."

Service extended to all healthcare workers

All hospital, assisted-living facility and shelter facility staff as well as self-employed healthcare workers can rely on this service. Even the administrative and support staff employed in healthcare institutions can call on Solucious from now on. "With our earlier initiative we delivered groceries at the car parks of 13 hospitals and were able to reach quite a large group of hospital workers", Yves Van den Brande says. "We have provided enough extra capacity to have groceries home-delivered by our own deliverers all over Belgium. Under the motto 'You provide care, we provide groceries', we are ready to support all healthcare workers in the months ahead".

Practical information

  • Healthcare workers

    • Can register as customers at www.solucious.be, specifying the healthcare institution they work for;
    • Will see the right product range and prices and will be able to start ordering online straightaway;
    • Will be able to select the date and time of delivery (time slots of 2 hours).
  • Solucious works with a delivery term of 2 working days;
  • The minimum order amount is € 125;
  • The home delivery charge is limited to € 10, regardless of where on the Belgian territory the delivery is to take place;
  • Payment is made upon delivery of the goods at home.

If you need any further information or relevant images, you can always contact Colruyt Group's press office at press@colruytgroup.com or 0473 92 45 10.