Unique free card game created by Colruyt Group helps customers to live more consciously

Colruyt Group, a sustainable entrepreneur, not only wants to launch initiatives itself, but also encourage consumers to be more aware about what they consume at home, to take care of their environment and in general to live more consciously. After all, the choices they make every day may improve their own health, as well as other people's, benefit society, animal welfare and the environment. Colruyt Group developed the 'Step by Step' card game to provide playful inspiration: this family game gets children between 8 and 12 thinking about a better future, as they often play a major role in the day-to-day choices that are made within a family. As from today, every customer receives a card game free of charge on presentation of his Xtra card or app in a physical Colruyt Group point-of-sale.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Start an upward spiral

Playing a game is the best way - often unconsciously - to learn something. Even when it concerns difficult, abstract subjects such as sustainability. Colruyt Group's 'Step by Step' card game aims to give children between the ages of 8 and 12 a fun pastime and subtly introduce the various sustainability themes the retailer really cares about. Children are often the driving force behind changes in behaviour, in terms of consumption in a family. By making this generation of the future think and talk about topics such as the environment, society, health and animal welfare in a very accessible way, Colruyt Group hopes to start a positive spiral.

4 cheerful main characters

The main characters of the exciting 'Step by Step' family game are 4 cheerful animals that symbolise the 4 pillars of Colruyt Group's 'Step by Step' campaign: society, animal welfare, environment and health. Storm the Super mouse, Mia the Mammoth, Puck the Panda and Nellie the Nude cat look for sustainable solutions for burning questions. The game is not about winning, but about working together and looking for solutions. Through specific situations and examples with children in mind, the players inspire each other to make a step in the right direction every day.

1.6 million free card games, as well as digital teaching packages

The card game, developed with Cartamundi, will be distributed free of charge as from 10 February in the physical points-of-sale of Colruyt, Spar, OKay, Collect&Go, Bio-Planet, DreamLand and Dreambaby. Customers receive a game on presentation of their Xtra card or app, while stocks last and without purchase obligation.

In addition to 1.6 million card games, digital teaching packages for teachers (in collaboration with Uitgeverij van In) and 15,000 free classroom posters have also been provided. Teachers can request them through Uitgeverij Van In and Cooking Class, a Colruyt Lowest Prices educational project about healthy food and exercise.

Become one of the characters on Instagram

For the launch of this unique card game, Colruyt Group also developed a fun Instagram filter which allows you – almost literally – to become one of the four characters of the game. A first for Colruyt Group and a creative way to convey the message to our target group.

The game is also put in the spotlight by campaigns on the radio, digital radio, Youtube advertising, bannering on the Gimme platform for parents and on Instagram and TikTok.

For more information, please go to speelstapvoorstap.be / jouerpasapas.be