The first OKay Compact opens its doors in Ghent

On Wednesday 19 September, OKay Compact, the metro chain of Okay supermarkets, opens its 7th store in the city centre of Ghent. The small and practical metro store has everything that customers need to do their daily shopping quickly, cheaply and easily. The store covers 350 m², employs 8 people and is the first OKay Compact metro store in Ghent.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

First metro store in Ghent

The brand new OKay Compact is located at Krommewal 5, near Patershol, in the centre of Ghent and is therefore the first OKay Compact in Ghent. The other OKay Compact metro stores - there are currently 7 - are located in Brussels, Antwerp and Liege. "For OKay Compact, as a metro store concept, it was very important to have a presence in Ghent, the second largest city of Flanders", says Gert Somers, manager at OKay Compact. "We are therefore very proud to open the first OKay Compact in Ghent today and we look forward to a second location in the centre of Ghent." OKay Compact aims to open 3 new stores next year.

Focus on daily shopping and on the go

OKay Compact Krommewal is fresh and modern looking; with a floor area of 350 m², it meets the needs of city shoppers. Customers will find everything they need to do their daily shopping, with a focus on fresh produce. OKay Compact also offers a wide range of on-the-go products. Customers can buy a coffee on-the-go, cakes and breads baked on-site, chilled drinks and hot snacks.

OKay Compact Krommewal as a real city centre supermarket does not have any parking facilities but does have extensive bicycle parking available. "Our metro store is particularly aimed at pedestrians and cyclists," explains store manager Prince Rwego. "The combination of a wide range of products in a small area with convenient bicycle parking, means that local residents, students and passers-by will find something to their liking. The fact that the store is also open on Sunday mornings is an additional advantage."

What is OKay Compact?

OKay Compact is a small supermarket in the city centre. Traditional Okay supermarkets are located along busy access roads, close to village centres. With an average size of 350 m², the OKay Compact stores are smaller than a traditional OKay supermarket, which are on average about 650 m². The product range is also a little more limited, although there are more on-the-go products, such as take-away coffee, chilled drinks and hot snacks. There are no shopping trolleys at an OKay Compact, only shopping baskets, to make shopping as quick and efficient as possible. OKay Compact currently has 7 stores and customers have responded very positively.