Sustainability is still working well in Belgian schools

Halle, 21 July 2020 - The new school range is on the shelves at DreamLand as of this week. Sustainability keeps winning ground with many school collections choosing an environment-friendlier approach. Not just the environment is doing well, but golden and metallic accents are also attracting attention on the shelves. Pastel keeps scoring and the space theme is turning up everywhere. Moreover, the Dreamland web shop expanded so there is even more school gear online.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Stylish metallic

If you pick an exuberant print this school year, you do not have to worry: golden and metallic accents keep working well. Sometimes excessively, often in details. Elastofolders, pen cases or ring binders: pupils aim at shiny results with the metallic look!

Space heroes at school

Space is also here to stay at the school gates. Rockets, planets, aliens and astronauts are shooting like missiles into the new school year. "Space keeps firing the imagination", says Demi Van Kerkhoven, school supplies buyer at DreamLand. "T-shirts, toys, costumes or school supplies: young people cannot get enough of it."


Persistent trends: sustainability and pastels


Sustainability starts at school

DreamLand keeps going all out for sustainability and wants to help customers to make conscious choices. It therefore substantially expanded its range of sustainable school supplies. Customers can choose from 125 sustainable alternatives made of recycled or environment-friendly material. Last year, backpacks made of recycled plastic or polyester appeared. They are joined this year by sustainable drink bottles, lunch boxes, stationery and so much more. To help our customers recognise sustainable articles, they all have a green icon in the web shop and in the stores.

Pastel gives colour to the classroom

Ranging from backpacks and school bags to notebooks and folders: pastel will be even more popular in the new school year. Whereas last year there were some nice gadgets, pastels will be present in the complete school assortment this year: compasses, fountain pens, calculators, wrapping paper, ring binders, plastic folders, pen cases, highlighters, agendas, etc. Absolutely all school supplies will be available in trendy pastels. The new Stien Edlund collection cleverly responds to this trend with lots of graphic prints in pastels linked with motivating quotes. The Stien Edlund collection is available exclusively at DreamLand for the second year in a row. 

"Pastels are peaceful yet cheerful", Demi Van Kerkhoven explains. "You can combine them perfectly with colours from the same range: a pastel blue folder, a yellow pen case, a pink calculator, etc. It brings colour and variation to school." 

Substantial online range

Due to the coronavirus, the DreamLand webshop has become much more popular. "Shopping is wound up as fast as possible these days. That is why we want to help our customers to make their visit to the store easier", says Danny Jenquin, Sales manager at DreamLand. "We do this by focussing on our web shop. Until last year, only the more expensive school supplies such as backpacks and school bags were present in our web shop. We have expanded this range substantially so you can also order cheaper supplies such as stationery. Customers can now look for their school supplies online at home, pick up everything smoothly and complete their list in one go."

People who order school supplies online, can quickly pick up their order at a DreamLand store if all articles are available. In this case, the store co-workers prepare the order within 3.5 hours. Customers can also choose the elaborate network of 400 Colruyt Group pick-up points. The order is supplied free and customers can combine it with their groceries from Colruyt Lowest Prices or OKay. Orders as from 60 euros can be home delivered free of charge.