Spar Colruyt Group installs AED equipment after successful crowdfunding

Since this week Spar Aalter, Spar Denderwindeke, Spar Gembloux and Spar Wijgmaal have a brand new AED device at their disposal. Its purchase was financed jointly by the customers and the stores. By inviting customers to donate a certain amount with their purchases, or by rounding up the purchase amount, they contributed to the purchase of these life-saving devices. Installed on the outside of the shop, they are accessible day and night seven days a week for all local residents. After the test period in these four stores, the action may be repeated in other Spar Colruyt Group stores in Belgium.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Chipping in to save lives

In Belgium, approximately 9,000 people experience sudden cardiac arrest every year, 17 to 30% in a public place. (Federal Healthcare Knowledge Center, 2017) The use of an automatic external defibrillator (AED) by accidental bystanders increases the chance of survival of the victim. That’s why four Spar stores each invested in an AED device that will be permanently available to everyone.

The independent entrepreneurs of the Spar shops involved financed half of the purchase amount themselves. For the other half Spar counted on the support of its customers. Spar Aalter, Spar Denderwindeke, Spar Gembloux and Spar Wijgmaal set the ball rolling with this brand new defibrillator. After evaluation of the test, the action may be repeated in other Spar stores in Belgium.

Crowdfunding through microdonations

“Despite the corona period, customers spontaneously asked us to contribute to this action”, says Anne-Sophie Van Laecke of Spar Aalter. “They could round up their ticket to the next euro or donated 1, 2, 3 or 4 euros.” Because of demonstrations of the Red Cross in our shop, many customers were immediately convinced to invest in these devices. The Spar shops will donate the additional proceeds to the Red Cross.

​ Supermarket with a heart for the neighbourhood

“The inspiration for this action came from Spar Ireland, where a similar initiative was a great success,” says Guido Soret, sales Director Spar Colruyt Group Belgium. “Spar is a real neighbourhood supermarket. Every independent entrepreneur tries to be a strong point of reference in its town, a meeting place in the neighbourhood. We are pleased that we have been able to make our customers enthusiastic to make this effort together. The whole neighbourhood benefits from this initiative. By financing half of the purchase amount of the AED device, the independent entrepreneur gives something back to his customers.”

Also Kris Borloo, independent entrepreneur of Spar Denderwindeke, signed up enthusiastically as a test shop for the campaign. “As a neighbourhood supermarket, we support a variety of local initiatives. A sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone. By investing in an AED device together with our customers, we can save lives in our neighbourhood. That’s why I was more than happy to pay half of the purchase price.”