Robinetto provides sustainable drinking water for Colruyt Group employees with over 500 water taps

Robinetto provides sustainable drinking water for Colruyt Group employees with over 500 water taps

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The Ghent-based start-up Robinetto will be installing water taps in more than 500 Colruyt Group shops and central buildings in the coming months. In this way, the largest Belgian retailer is offering healthy, still and sparkling drinking water to thousands of (shop) employees in the most sustainable way.

Robinetto, founded in 2018, announced a structural partnership with Colruyt Group in July 2021. With a substantial capital increase, Colruyt Group became a shareholder of the Ghent impact company. In addition, both companies decided to work together on content and to exchange knowledge.

Today, on World Water Day, Robinetto announces that it will install a water tap for its employees in all Colruyt Lowest Prices, Bio-Planet and OKay shops, amounting to more than 500 units. This decision was made after the positive user evaluation of a test set-up in 4 Colruyt Lowest Prices shops in recent months. Thanks to these water taps, which will be installed in the canteens of the shops, all employees will be able to fill their reusable bottles with filtered and chilled still or sparkling water. Taps will also be installed in some production sites and in the retailer's central services.

Jeroen Vereecke, founder of Robinetto: "We are very pleased that in this way, we can make our collaboration with Colruyt Group very concrete for the first time. And as an impact company, it is of course a big step forward for us: through our water taps, a very large proportion of Colruyt Group employees will now be able to contribute to our impact objectives: to provide high-quality drinking water that does not have to be packaged or transported in as many places as possible. The delivery and installation of more than 500 devices is a major logistical operation for us. But we are convinced that, in cooperation with Colruyt Group's technical services, we can bring it to a successful conclusion. This project will help to support our operational growth".

Stefan Goethaert, responsible for this project and member of the Board of Directors at Robinetto, adds: "A year after we gave all our employees a personalised reusable water bottle on World Water Day, many of them will now be able to fill this bottle at their workplace with drinking water from Robinetto's special filter installations. As the largest food retailer in Belgium, we are fully aware that water is one of the most precious natural resources and that we need to use it sparingly. We find it important that we can help make our employees aware of a more sustainable and conscious water consumption. And besides, water is and remains very healthy. We are therefore very pleased that we can already roll out this on a fairly large scale with our esteemed partner".