Renovated Spar Tongerlo opens its doors on 1 July

The renovated Spar Colruyt Group store in Tongerlo reopens on Thursday 1 July. The supermarket received a thorough makeover with special attention for sustainability and sociability. Spar Tongerlo emphasizes customer-friendliness and fresh, quality products. Thanks to the new, handy bread distributor, customers can enjoy delicious fresh bread even after opening hours.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Raised in a Spar store

Doing business is in independent Spar entrepreneur Tim Peeters' genes. "It all started in the Spar store of my parents in Oevel, a village a few miles away from Tongerlo. About 11 years ago, I decided to pursue my ambition to expand and develop. That brought me to Tongerlo." Here, Tim and his team of 20 people run a Spar store that has now been completely renovated in the latest generation style.

Expanding at all levels

During the past weeks, Spar Tongerlo was thoroughly renovated into a fresh and modern store. "We have really taken care of everything," Tim says. "Modern cash registers, a new floor, new refrigerated and bread cabinets, we even tackled the outer wall. I am particularly proud of our traditional fresh products department, with a butcher and caterer on the spot." The bakery department has proofers and the co-workers bake off fresh bread and buns every day. From now on, there is a bread distributor on the car park.

Service with a smile

The biggest asset of Spar Tongerlo is undoubtedly the friendly and thoughtful service. The team is ready every day to welcome the customers personally and to serve them with a smile. Now and then, student workers come and help, and enjoy learning the retail trade in their own area.

Focus on sustainability

Spar Tongerlo was sustainably renovated. The refrigeration system runs on a much environment-friendlier coolant and the heat released is recovered. This results in minimum energy consumption and a lower emission of greenhouse gases. "If you look carefully, you will notice LED lights everywhere in the store. Much more energy-efficient than conventional lighting," Tim adds.

Interesting actions

The team at Spar Tongerlo is looking forward to welcoming their customers in the renovated store as from 1 July. Moreover, they planned many interesting actions for customers on top of the promotions in the Spar folder. All corona measures in force will of course be complied with.

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