Renovated Spar Peer opens its doors on 2 December

On Thursday 2 December, the renewed Spar Colruyt Group store opens its doors. With an open fresh department, the supermarket is going fully for a real market atmosphere and a pleasant shopping experience. Special attention to fresh food, cosiness and sustainability is paramount. All of that of course with the well-known friendly service of Spar Peer.

Monday, November 29, 2021

A passion for entrepreneurship

Spar entrepreneurs Peter and Frie are completely satisfied with their new supermarket. "We invested heavily in a pleasant shopping experience. The fresh assortment received a makeover as well. With this major renovation, we are fully prepared for the future", they say. Entrepreneurs Peter and Frie have been in the retail business for 24 years and made a definitive choice for Spar in 2019. "We get so many opportunities to grow and improve thanks to the professional support of Retail Partners Colruyt Group."  

Modern shopping experience

"A cosy bread corner, the cooling unit with cheese and cold meat sliced on-site, and the vegetables and fruit tables, quality and good service 100% guaranteed", Peter and Frie say. Customers with little time to cook themselves can now enjoy the assortment of ready-made meals, salads and snacks, that are prepared daily on-site. "That way, we can serve them tasty and healthy meals. We are very proud of that." 

Sustainable choices

For the renovation of Spar Peer sustainable solutions were chosen. The cooling system recovers the released heat with the much more environmentally friendly refrigerant CO2. As a result, cooling consumes less energy and emits fewer greenhouse gases. "To make it cosy in the store, we chose LED lights, which are also extra energy-efficient," Peter and Frie continue. 

Customer friendliness first

Spar Peer is known for the friendly and attentive service of its team. Every day, it is ready to help customers and have a little chat. The team of Spar Peer will be completed by student workers who want to make an extra buck in their own region.