Renovated Spar Kachtem opens its doors on 11 March

On Thursday 11 March, the renovated Spar Colruyt Group store in Kachtem reopens. The store became 600 m² larger and the existing part was also revamped. The work was done in several phases so that customers could continue to shop. Moreover, Spar Kachtem proudly presents a shop-in-shop flower market.

Monday, March 8, 2021

A real family business

Spar Kachtem was founded in 1971 by Frans Taillieu and Frieda Bostoen. The name back then was Super, but since 1989 the store is part of Spar Colruyt Group. Not much later, son Peter Tailleur joined the business and became the store manager in 2010. This year, the store exists half a century and Peter is happy to celebrate this anniversary with a renovation and expansion. It is his way to thank his parents for all the opportunities he received over the past years.

More space

Early October 2020, the starting shot for the work was given. So many months later, the local supermarket covers a surface of 1350 m² and has a fresh and modern layout according to the new-generation style. "We have new cooling cells, a new kitchen for catering and a new workshop where you can see our butchers at work," says Peter. "We also have a packing area where we slice and pack our cold cuts and cheese." The top floor houses an office, a canteen with kitchen and a roof terrace for co-workers.

Fresh bread and fresh flowers

The bakery has proofers in which dough for rolls, baguettes and pastries rises. Co-workers bake fresh bread and fresh desserts (rice pies, turnovers, etc.) every day on the spot. And if you want to surprise someone with a bouquet of flowers, you can buy one at Spar Kachtem. Indeed, apart from their daily shopping, customers can also place a bouquet, a flower arrangement or decoration piece in their shopping trolley. "My cousin Sabine Tailleur delivers the flower arrangements. Customers pick their favourite one and pay for it at the checkout."


Sustainable building and working is very important at Spar Kachtem. The refrigeration system works on a much environment-friendlier coolant and the heat released is recovered, which decreases CO2 emissions from the heating process. "We also generate our own energy by means of solar panels and the LED lighting consumes much less energy," Peter Tailleu adds.

Customer-friendliness first

The main asset of Spar Kachtem is certainly the customer-friendliness with which Peter and the entire team welcome their customers. Every day, the 20 co-workers, who all live in the region, receive their customers as well as many new people with a smile. Spar Kachtem is looking forward to welcoming their customers in the renovated and larger store as from 11 March. All corona measures in force will of course be complied with.