Renovated OKay Wingene reopens on 21 May as a sustainable local supermarket

On Friday 21 May, OKay Wingene reopens its doors after undergoing a thorough facelift. The store has a surface of 650 m² and a new and expanded freshmart, extra refrigerated cabinets, a new bread corner and freezers with glass lids. Moreover, OKay Wingene does not use fossil fuels. Store manager Ann Hemeryck and her team like to welcome their customers with respect for the corona measures.

Monday, May 17, 2021

Focus on fresh products and daily fresh bread

The fresh and modern lay-out allows OKay Wingene to serve its customers even better and to play its ultra-fresh products better. "In the new, larger freshmart for instance, our broad supply of fresh fruit and vegetables can stand out completely," says store manager Ann Hemeryck. "Outside the freshmart, we added extra cooling cabinets so that tapas, cold cuts and pastries stand out even more. We also have a broad range of chilled drinks, handy for people on their way home, to school or to work. We receive bread deliveries every day and our store co-workers bake off high-quality buns and rolls. Our customers can find them in our new bread corner." 

The frozen products department also has a completely new look. Ann Hemeryck: "We installed freezers with glass covers so our customers can easily find their favourite products." 

Top team from the region

"Throughout the years, we have gained loyal customers who value our broad range of products, our friendly co-workers and the lowest prices in the neighbourhood. Together with my 14 co-workers, all living in the area around Wingene, I want to continue along the same lines in our renovated store,” Ann Hemeryck continues. Some co-workers have been working in the local supermarket for 10 years and Wendy even started when it opened in 2004: "I have seen many changes in those 17 years, from new checkout systems to new working clothes. But my enthusiasm and drive have remained all along."

Easy to reach by car and bicycle

OKay Wingene is situated on a connecting road and is therefore easily accessible. On the car park with room for 60 cars, a charging post for electric cars has now been installed. The bicycle parking has 20 places. It also accommodates 6 carrier cycles to make shopping by bike easier.

Minimum environmental impact

Like the other Colruyt Group store formats, OKay attaches great importance to building sustainably and with a minimum ecological footprint. "At OKay Wingene, we do not use fossil fuels," says Ann Hemeryck. The refrigeration system works with propane, a natural coolant that is much environment-friendlier than chemical coolants. As a result, CO2 emissions decrease by 90 % compared to a classic refrigeration system. The heat released by the refrigeration is recovered and LED lighting results in 30 % less energy consumption.

The paint used for the store's front breaks down pollutants in the air. Under the influence of sunlight, this paint converts nitrogen oxides, ozone and harmful organic substances into nitrate and oxygen. The rain dissolves and washes away the nitrates.

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