Renovated OKay Ardooie reopens on 10 December as a sustainable local supermarket

On Friday 10 December, OKay Ardooie opens its doors again after a thorough facelift. The local supermarket has been renovated in the style of the latest generation of OKay stores, with a refurbished freshmart, additional cooling units and a revamped bread corner. Toon and his team are happy to welcome their customers.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

​ ​ Focus on fresh products and daily fresh bread

Thanks to the fresh and modern interior, customers of OKay Ardooie can find their way even more easily in the wide range of super fresh products. "In the new freshmart for instance, our broad supply of fresh fruit and vegetables can stand out completely," says Toon. "We placed extra refrigeration units just outside the freshmart to showcase our tapas, cold cuts and pastries even better."  

 At OKay Ardooie, fresh bread is delivered every day and store co-workers bake off high-quality rolls and pastries on the spot. "They are neatly displayed in our renewed bread unit now. Much handier for our customers," Toon explains.

Top team from the region

All these novelties and improvements will contribute to a more pleasant shopping experience and make shopping even easier. But the biggest asset of OKay Ardooie is undoubtedly the wonderful team of store co-workers. "Every day, I can count on a great team of 10 motivated co-workers," says Toon. "A top team. All people from the region around Ardooie, for whom customer friendliness, good service and helpfulness always come first.”

Easy to reach by car and bicycle

OKay Ardooie has a practical location along a major connecting road, so it is easy to reach for everyone. The car park has room for 42 vehicles and 8 bicycles can be safely put away in the bicycle shed.  

Minimal environmental impact

Like the other Colruyt Group store formats, it is very important to OKay to build sustainably and with a minimal ecological footprint. "AtOKay Ardooie, we do not use fossil fuels," says Toon. "The refrigeration system works on propane, a natural coolant that is much environment-friendlier than chemical coolants.  Thisreduces CO2 emissions by 90% compared to a classic cooling system. On top of that, the heat released by the refrigeration system is recovered to warm up the store."

Also, the sustainable paint used for the store's front breaks down pollutants in the air. Under the influence of sunlight, this paint converts nitrogen oxides, ozone and harmful organic substances into nitrate and oxygen. The rain dissolves and washes away the nitrates.

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