Renewed Spar Linkeroever to reopen on 11 April

Renewed Spar Linkeroever to reopen on 11 April

Pleasant shopping and a wider range of fresh products

Monday, April 8, 2024

On Thursday 11 April, the Spar Colruyt Group store on Linkeroever reopens its doors after undergoing extensive renovations. The store got a new look on the outside as well as the inside and was renovated in the style of the latest generation of Spar stores, focusing even more on sustainable, fresh and local products. Independent entrepreneurs Johan, Pieter and Daniël Kuypers are already looking forward to welcoming back their customers.

Time for innovation

Linkeroever, with its beautiful views and great walking paths will have a completely renewed Spar Colruyt Group store as of 11 April. The familiar Spar Linkeroever, centrally located on Gloriantlaan 24, reopens after over a month of alterations. “The store needed substantial updating," independent entrepreneur Pieter Kuypers explains. “We've been here for over 12 years, but the building itself is even older and had seen its best days. We were able to purchase the adjacent property and felt this was the perfect time to give the entire store a major makeover."

Family business

Spar Linkeroever is a real family business, with the Kuypers brothers at the helm of the store: Johan, Pieter and Daniël. In 2005, they took over the Spar store in Loenhout. More than six years later, in 2011, the current store on Linkeroever was added. “Johan and Daniel are also both butchers who know their trade to perfection," Pieter notes. "We don't lack experience, that's for sure."

The staff of Spar Linkeroever is a close-knit team of eight workers who know the tricks of the trade inside and out. "All of them are local people who by now are well-known to our customers," he adds.

Nicer shopping experience

The revamped Spar Linkeroever is organised according to the concept of the latest generation of Spar Colruyt Group stores, that puts a seamless shopping experience at the forefront, with a stronger focus on fresh, local and sustainable. “The store layout is completely different," Daniel comments. “There is more room for catered dishes, fresh meat, charcuterie and cheese. Also, the fruit and vegetable section has been expanded.”

The store of course also focuses on seasonal produce. “We get strawberries and asparagus directly from the grower," Johan says. “Our desserts come from a farm store in Kalmthout that makes artisanal desserts.”

Spar Linkeroever is now also open on Sunday mornings. “Ideal for those who like to start their Sunday morning with delicious freshly baked pastries or rolls," Johan comments. The team of the revamped bakery goes the extra mile to deliver the renowned high-quality products with a wider range of daily fresh bread and pastries.

The store also received a complete makeover on the outside. The façade and roof were renewed and better insulated. “There is more daylight coming in now thanks to the additional windows and the skylights in the new roof," Pieter explains. “Always a plus, right?"

Minimal environmental impact

Just like the other Colruyt Group store formats, Spar is firmly committed to building sustainably and with a minimal ecological footprint. "Besides a better insulation of the store as a whole, we also make use of heat recovery through our cooling system. The cooling cabinets have doors, which is much more energy efficient," Pieter clarifies. What's more, the store uses LED lighting and solar panels have been installed.

Festive reopening

Shopping will not be possible until Thursday 11 April but everyone is welcome at the grand opening reception on Wednesday 10 April, from 6 to 9 pm. Customers will have the opportunity to discover the new store while enjoying a snack from the Spar food truck. There will also be a special opening folder, offering plenty of great discounts in the opening week.

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