Okay is opening a branch in Hotton, its first in Luxembourg province

The 134th OKay store, and 26th in the region of Wallonia, will open its doors in Hotton on Friday 6 December. At this Colruyt Group convenience store, customers will find everything they need for fast, easy and inexpensive everyday shopping. And for the best prices in the local area! The store will employ eight full-time employees and create jobs in the area. With 605 m² of retail space, the building has been constructed using sustainable techniques and materials. OKay is proud to invite local residents to a mayoral opening reception on Thursday 5 December, between 6 pm and 8 pm. On the menu: appetisers, bubbles and a visit around the store.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Establishment in Wallonia

With this 26th branch in the region of Wallonia and the first in the province of Luxembourg, OKay clearly indicates its intention to continue to deploy its activities in the south of the country. The Walloon customers appreciate these convenience stores and are familiar with the brand of Colruyt Group. In Hotton, the brand is therefore relying on a formula that has already proved its success. The store is located near a tourist region, along a busy road between Marche-en-Famenne and Barvaux. It shares a car park with the adjacent building materials store of Allmat, creating a great synergy for customers who want to limit their movements and accomplish two goals with one effort.

Minimal environmental footprint

Like other Colruyt Group brands, a sustainable construction model that minimises the environmental impact is key for the OKay brand. Joseph Rase, OKay Hotton Store Manager said: "The store is equipped with LED lighting that reduces energy consumption by 30%. Sustainable techniques have been used, especially for the building's heating insulation. The cooling system is powered by propane, a natural coolant that is much more environmentally friendly than chemical coolant gases. This system is also linked to a residual heat recovery system. It reduces CO2 emissions by 90% compared to a store using a conventional boiler. Moreover, the solar panels on the roof almost completely cover the store's energy consumption. The store is also equipped with a rainwater harvesting system for the toilets, reducing water consumption. In this way, we hope to contribute to lessening our environmental impact."

Opening reception

On Friday 6 December, Store Manager Joseph Rase and his team will welcome customers to the new OKay Hotton convenience store. The day before, on Thursday 5 December, there will also be a reception between 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm to celebrate the official opening, attended by Jacques Chaplier, Mayor of Hotton. All local residents and future customers are cordially invited. 

Fresh and modern design

OKay Hotton is one of the next-generation stores for the Colruyt Group, with a fresh, modern design. The aisles and large glass wall in the Fresh Mart zone ensure a pleasant shopping experience, highlighting our wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh bread is delivered every day and store employees make high-quality pastries and bread products several times a day. The range of fresh products is one of the brand's strengths, with fresh fruit and vegetables of the day, dairy products, meats, deli foods, fish and ready meals all available to customers. OKay offers a wide range of national brands, as well as its own-brand Boni Selection and the Colruyt Group's discount brand Everyday. Lastly, at the entrance to the Fresh Mart zone, the convenience store has a tapas counter and handy 'Easy Cooking' counter, with all the key ingredients for tasty seasonal dishes.