Okay Compact opens new store in heart of Halle

Okay Compact opens new store in heart of Halle

First Okay Compact establishment in Flemish Brabant

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

On Wednesday 6 December, Okay Compact, the city store of local supermarket Okay, will open a new establishment on Molenborre in Halle. A handy Okay Compact in Colruyt Group's hometown: that could simply no longer be lacking. The new store is right at the centre, near Basiliekstraat, the shopping heart of the city that is home to the 'Black Madonna', and within walking distance of the Grand Place, the train station and the city car parks De Bres, Leide and Nederhem. Very convenient for both local residents and people who come to Halle for an all-day shopping spree.

Easy shopping nearby

Just like at Okay, shopping at Okay Compact is easy. Okay Compact welcomes customers every day of the week. The practically set up local stores are conveniently located in the heart of the city and thus easily accessible on foot or by bicycle. In the brand-new 375 m2 store at Halle customers can find everything for their daily shopping. In addition to a wide assortment including food, beverages, laundry and household products and more, you can find a broad selection of fresh products: fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, bread and pastries, etc. You can also pop by at Okay Compact on Molenborre for a quick coffee on the go. City manager Bart De Wolf and his team of eight permanent store employees are all set to welcome their customers with a smile.

A heart for the environment

Like the other Colruyt Group store formats, Okay Compact is firmly committed to building sustainably and with a minimal ecological footprint. The new Okay Compact in Halle uses no gas or fuel oil and the environmentally friendly cooling system emits 90% less CO2 than traditional installations. What's more, the heat released by the cooling system is recovered to heat the store. Energy-efficient LED lamps reduce power consumption by 30%.

Looking towards the future

The opening of this new Okay Compact store fits perfectly with Colruyt Group's ambition to also offer more relevant store formats in urban environments, where consumers can do their shopping easily and inexpensively. Meanwhile, there are already 17 Okay Compact city stores in Belgium: 6 in Brussels, 5 in Antwerp, 3 in Ghent, 1 in Liège, 1 in Blankenberge and now also 1 in Colruyt Group's hometown Halle. Colruyt Group continues to actively search for suitable locations to further expand its presence in the cities.

Practical information:
Okay Compact Halle
​Molenborre 2
​1500 Halle
​Tel.: 02 616 78 56

Opening hours:
Monday: from 12:00 to 19:30
​From Tuesday to Saturday: from 7:00 to 19:30
​Sunday: from 8 to 12 p.m.