Innovative “Scan. Pay. Go.” shopping now also available at OKay and OKay Compact

Customers will also be able to shop and pay via a smartphone app from the end of August in the OKay stores in De Pinte, Pepingen and Ohey, and at OKay Compact Grootsermentstraat in Brussels

Monday, August 13, 2018

Halle, 13 August 2018 – Spar Colruyt Group started a trial of the innovative “Scan. Pay. Go.” app in June and is now rolling it out to OKay and OKay Compact convenience stores. From the end of August, customers will be able to use this app to scan their own shopping and pay with their smartphone at OKay stores in De Pinte, Pepingen and Ohey, and OKay Compact at Grootsermentstraat in Brussels. This additional service fits perfectly with the OKay and OKay Compact brand promise of ensuring customers can do their shopping quickly, cheaply and easily. Conventional tills will still be available, so customers are free to choose how they want to pay.


“No queue for me” also available at OKay and OKay Compact

The new Scan. Pay. Go. app – captioned “No queue for me” – lets customers use their smartphone to scan and pay for products, without having to use the usual till. Special digital scales are available in-store to weigh loose products like fruit and vegetables. The unique technology was developed specifically for Spar Colruyt Group (which started in June) and has now been rolled out to OKay and OKay Compact as well.

Michon van Doorn, Marketing Manager at OKay: “This new application fits perfectly with the OKay brand promise of being able to shop quickly, cheaply and easily. Customers at our trial stores have two ways of paying, as we have kept our usual manned tills, so they have the flexibility they need to do their shopping”.


Rolling out in the OKay and OKay Compact stores from 22 August

From 22 August customers at OKay De Pinte can try out the Scan. Pay. Go. app in their trusted store. 28 August sees the turn of OKay Compact at Grootsermentstraat in Brussels, and the trial starts in OKay Pepingen and OKay Ohey on 29 August and 5 September respectively.


So, how does it work again?

Exactly the same as the trial currently running at Spar Colruyt Group. The first time that customers use the Scan. Pay. Go. app, they log in via Xtra; the smart customer card that can be used in 10 Colruyt Group store formats and webshops. They then scan each product as they place it in their basket or cart and they can view the running total for their shopping at any time. Once they have finished, they pay with their existing online banking app or via the Bancontact app. After payment is complete, a QR code is sent to their smartphone and they scan this to leave the store via a special gate.

Integrating both the self scan and the Xtra card in the Scan. Pay. Go. app together with the payment apps delivers a fast and user-friendly shopping experience. Michon van Doorn: “Specially trained staff are also on hand to help customers if they have any questions or problems with Scan. Pay. Go.”.

Contact person

Hanne Poppe, Corporate Communication Officer at Colruyt Group

Tel.: +32 (0)473 92 45 10



About OKay

OKay is Colruyt Group’s practical convenience store, where customers can do their daily shopping quickly, cheaply and easily. OKay stores offer customers a wide range in a compact retail space at easily-accessible locations, so customers can avoid traffic jams and long journeys.


About OKay Compact

OKay Compact is the convenience store for daily shopping in the city. The first OKay Compact opened its doors on 22 August 2012 in Elsene and OKay Compact now has 6 stores: in Elsene, Antwerp, Brussels and Liège. Customers can buy a wide range of products 7 days a week.