Food service company Solucious innovates by digitising deliveries and track-and-trace

Bornem, 20 April 2021 – Food service company Solucious and Urbantz join forces to make the delivery process to customers even easier and more efficient. With a new digital application, by way of an app for Solucious couriers, Solucious is focusing even more on the digitisation of the delivery process. Deliveries will be even more efficient thanks to a track-and-trace system which allows customers to follow their deliveries and tells them the expected time of delivery down to one hour. This makes Solucious the first Belgian food service player to digitise the administration and reporting of the delivery process.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Future-oriented cooperation with Urbantz, specialist in last-mile technology

As a food service company, Solucious has experience with efficient logistic processes. Urbantz, on the other hand, specialises in last-mile delivery technology. The two companies jointly developed a cloud-based application that digitally groups and optimises the management of the truck fleet, the couriers and the customer contact regarding the delivery.

Melanie Applincourt, COO at Urbantz indicates:

Urbantz' software allows companies to track every step of all their deliveries. Our technology consists of a Driver's app for drivers, a Digital Control Tower that allows the dispatcher to monitor all activities live, and a comprehensive track-and-trace system that allows the customer to know where the order is at any time, and allows each delivery to be handled completely digitally.

By digitising the administration and extensive data capture, Solucious is preparing for the future to continue its customer-centric and efficient growth. It enables transport managers to plan and manage trips more efficiently based on real-time data.

Digital courier buddy contributes to an efficient service provision

It is even easier for the couriers to deliver the right order and the agreed logistics services to each customer. Navigating to the delivery locations is currently based on x, y coordinates. The entire delivery process is thus easier, more accurate and paperless: the courier registers the delivery, returns, empties, on his/her PDA and sends this to the customer in one digital receipt. Scanning avoids mistakes and administrative corrections afterwards.

The tool also has a track-and-trace solution. Customers are able to track their delivery online and are given a delivery window of just one hour which helps them organise their working day. Peter Vanden Avenne, head of the supply chain at Solucious: “We are the first Belgian player to digitise the administration and reporting of the delivery process. We therefore have a right to call ourselves food service pioneers. What is already the norm in the world of parcels, we are now also introducing in our complex activities. Moreover, our track-and-trace system is one of the very best. Great work by our project team and our partner Urbantz; to the great satisfaction of our couriers and our customers”.


About Urbantz

Urbantz is a Belgian SaaS company specialised in last-mile delivery management software for big companies. Although Urbantz was originally focused on transport companies, a customised solution was developed for Solucious. Urbantz' technology allows companies to manage, adjust and scale every step of the delivery process. Companies such as ours are thus able to increase the operational efficiency, reduce costs and provide an even better service.


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