Colruyt Westmalle: completely renovated store with bigger fresh market

On Wednesday 24 November, the Colruyt Lowest Prices store in Westmalle opens its doors again after renovation work. The store has been completely reorganised and the fresh market has become larger. This means that customers can choose from a broader range of fresh products from now on. The store's entrance is closer to the car park. During the renovation, we made sustainable choices.

Monday, November 22, 2021

More fresh products to choose from

The Colruyt store in Westmalle has been fully revamped and redecorated. Store manager Ellen Mertens: "One of the most striking changes is the renovated and expanded freshmarket. You can choose from an even broader range of fresh products such as fruit, vegetables, cheese or prepared meals. Fresh meat is available in a self-service counter, pre-packed in handy portions. This means you can immediately see the quantity and price. And our qualified butcher is always on hand to advise and assist you."

Pleasant and efficient shopping

"Thanks to our new layout, customers can shop even more pleasantly and efficiently. We moved the store's entrance, which is now closer to the car park. It makes loading your products in your car easier. The car park has also been reorganised and we have 37 extra places, bringing the total to 106. A charging post for electric cars is available. There is also room for bicycles.

Sustainable choices

The renewed Colruyt in Westmalle contributes to sustainable development. The store generates energy with solar panels and uses water responsibly, by collecting rainwater for example. Thanks to efficient insulation, cooling and heating, the store has a good energy balance and the CO2 impact can be reduced.

The team of Colruyt Westmalle is ready for you

Because of corona measures, there will not be an open evening. Store manager Ellen Mertens: "If you come and discover the renovated Colruyt in Westmalle in the first week, we will have a small welcome gift for you. My team and I are looking forward to welcoming everyone in safe conditions. We therefore ask our customers to comply with all government rules."

For more information, you can contact:

  • Frederik Budts (regional manager) at 02 345 23 45.
  • Eva Biltereyst (Colruyt Lowest Prices press officer) at 0479 72 29 10

Practical information:

Colruyt Westmalle
​ Antwerpsesteenweg 335
​ 2390 Westmalle

Opening hours:

Mon - Sat: 8.30 - 20.00
​ Fri: 8.30 - 21.00

Download photos of the store here