Colruyt organises two free shuttle services for 14,000 festivalgoers at Dour

The shuttlebus action of Dour Festival and the local Colruyt store in July 2018 was a big success. 14,000 festivalgoers, 35% more than in 2017, found their way to Colruyt Dour and bought their supplies at the lowest prices. For this reason, we extend the action this year. More buses and a second route to the Collect&Go pick-up point at Quaregnon. The Colruyt store in Dour becomes a festival store with extra space for festival favourites such as Cara Pils and Aïki Noodles, as well as a Cara tattoo shop.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Taking the shuttle bus to the store

The Colruyt store in Dour and the organisers of Dour Festival have been working together for about ten years now. Since the camping site was a little further from the store last year, we organised shuttle buses for the first time. This year, we provide 4 buses with 65 seats for the same route. That is one more than last year. The buses will also ride 3 hours longer. Between 10 am and 6 pm they shuttle between camping site and store. The 340 rides replace about 5,000 cars. Thanks to the shuttle bus action, there are fewer cars on the road but it is also safer for the festivalgoers and there is less street litter.

Supermarket becomes festival store

To manage the flood of festivalgoers, we transform Colruyt Dour. Part of the loading and unloading area becomes store space to sell large volumes of beer and water. Christophe Dehandschutter, Sales Manager at Colruyt Lowest Prices, explains: "The success last year inspired us to make an extra effort, for Cara beer for instance. Last year, we sold 50,000 cans of Cara beer to festivalgoers. So this year we organise an animation stand with Cara tattoos and a place where festivalgoers can make a selfie with an inflatable 3 metre high Cara can." Drinks are not the only hits; Boni Selection tabbouleh, water pistols, Cristaline water spray, hand gel and moist tissues also sell like hot cakes. "During the heat last year, we distributed more than 2,000 50 cl bottles of Everyday water among festivalgoers waiting in line. We are going to offer the same refreshments again this year."

New this year: Collect&Go participates.

Christophe Dehandschutter: "Young people arrange more and more online. We like to support that with Collect&Go. Festivalgoers can order their supplies online and pick them up near the festival area." At collect&, festivalgoers can choose from the assortment and can pick up their supplies at the pick-up point of the Colruyt store in Quaregnon, a fifteen minute drive from the festival grounds. "For the Collect&Go pick-up point, we are organising a new shuttle service. The supplies are prepared in handy cardboard folding boxes."

Basics in the camping store

Festivalgoers can go to the Dour Festival camping store for about twenty basic requirements provided by Colruyt: drinks, crisps, prepared meals and deodorant for instance. They can also find 12 low-energy freezers filled with ice cubes there.

Actions against litter

The town of Dour wants to be the cleanest festival town and Dour Festival makes efforts to be sustainable. With its 'Joining hands against street litter' action plan, Colruyt Group wants to side with these commitments again. Christophe Dehandschutter: "We organise 2 sorting islands on the car park of the store in Dour. Every island has a container of 2,000 litres for residual waste, one of the same size for PMD and a 4,000-litre glass bin. They are emptied twice a day. Moreover, the store in Dour will offer many cardboard boxes. This means festivalgoers can transport their supplies to the camping site easily and plastic-free."

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