Colruyt Montegnée reopens as low-energy store

On Wednesday 29 August, the Colruyt store in Montegnée reopens after a few months of renovation work. The store has been expanded, completely rearranged and restyled into a new-generation low-energy Colruyt store. The self-service butcher's department was also completely revamped.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Low-energy store

Colruyt Montegnée has become a low-energy store: its hermetic finish is better and the insulation of front and roof has been improved. It also switches to sustainable technology with a propane-fuelled cooling system and heat recovery ventilation. "This project is part of a more comprehensive renovation plan: by 2019, all Colruyt Group stores should be low-energy stores", says store manager Miguel Dupont. "The group's CO2 emissions have to go down by 4%."

Shop more efficiently

The store was completely rearranged as well. It allows customers to shop even more efficiently and pleasantly. "When making renovations, we always aim at simplicity and the lowest costs, as our customers expect from us", the store manager continues.

Butcher's department with open workshop

Customers can choose their fresh quality meat in the self-service butcher's department. Head butcher Laurent François: "Customers can see the butchers at work in an open workshop and talk to them if they have questions or a special order. They also have a nice overview of the range of meat, cold cuts and salads.”

Collect&Go shops for the customer

Colruyt Montegnée has a Collect&Go pick-up point for customers who like to gain time. Miguel Dupont: “Collect&Go is a handy Colruyt Group service, where co-workers shop for the customers. They give us their shopping list online or by means of the app. The products are ready for them at the pick-up point by the day and time they chose."

Special open house

From Wednesday 29 August, store manager Miguel Dupont, head butcher Laurent François and their 37 co-workers will be on hand to welcome customers again at the new Montegnée Colruyt store. "The evening before, on Tuesday 28 August from 5 to 8 p.m.,everyone is invited for a store preview”, says the store manager. “During this special open house, customers will be offered snacks and a drink. Everyone is most welcome!"



More information? A talk with the store manager? Or photographs of the new store or the Collect&Go pick-up point?

Feel free to contact:

  • David Legrand (regional manager) at 02 345 2345
  • Yana Morren (press officer Colruyt) at 0473 92 45 10


Practical information:

Colruyt Montegnée
​ Rue Adolphe Renson 17
​ 4420 Saint-Nicolas (Liège)

Opening hours:
​ Mon - Sat: 8.30 - 20.00
​ Fri: 8.30 - 21.00

Open evening:
​ Tuesday 28 August from 17.00 to 20.00