Colruyt Group thanks its shop employees with an extra day off on 2 January 2021

To thank the employees in the shops for their exceptional performance over the past year, Colruyt Group decided to grant them an extra paid leave day on 2 January 2021 in Belgium. More than 500 Belgian Colruyt Group shops - with the exception of Spar Colruyt Group's independent shops - will remain closed on that day. In this way, shop employees can enjoy an extra day with their families. In the meantime, everyone within the group is making an extra effort to give our customers a pleasant ending to the year.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Additional leave day for shop employees

Exceptional circumstances call for exceptional measures: that phrase was often repeated last year. Colruyt Group is very grateful to all its employees for their unceasing commitment; they have delivered exceptional performance over the past year, which is why the group wants to send out a unique signal. "We have decided to grant our colleagues in the Belgian shops an extra paid day off. The decision to close more than 500 shops was taken to allow our colleagues in the shops to enjoy an extra moment with their families, thus closing the intense year 2020 and entering the new year with renewed energy," said Jef Colruyt, CEO Colruyt Group.

This extra day of leave falls on Saturday 2 January 2021: more than 500 Colruyt Group shops in Belgium will remain closed that Saturday. It concerns the Colruyt, Collect&Go, OKay, OKay Compact, Bio-Planet, Cru, Dreamland, Fiets! and Dreambaby shops and collection points. The independent entrepreneurs of the Spar Colruyt Group shops will continue to welcome all customers: their shops will remain open on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 January 2021. The Cru-markets also open their doors, like all Sundays, on Sunday 3 January.

Everything for a happy ending year

All Colruyt Group's retail formulas once again put their best foot forward with interesting offers for cosy end-of-year days, and with end-of-year specialities and menus that can also be adapted to smaller groups. Each shop formula responds in its own way to a perfect service for the last month of this exceptional year.

The end-of-year days are in any case a busy period for all the group's retail formulas and Marc Hofman, COO Retail Colruyt Group, expects this to be no different this year: "The queuing phenomenon as we experienced it in the first wave is much less common today, however. Our customers have changed their habits; they are more forward-thinking in their purchases. We ask our customers to continue on this path, and we see it as a priority to offer them - and our staff - the safest possible environment in which to do their shopping". For example, the MyColruyt app allows customers to find out about peak hours in their trusted Colruyt shop.

Collect&Go's teams are also organised to be able to process a larger number of orders. Capacity has already doubled in recent months in comparison with the spring, so that the second major increase in reservations from October onwards could be absorbed smoothly. "Monitoring of the past few weeks has shown us that this capacity is sufficient to cope with the end-of-year period. We are ready for it", says Marc Hofman.